Posted by: Hannah | 11/26/2015

day 26

A couple of days ago on Twitter I listed all the planned activities for the two PD days, and joked that I would be buying my Christmas Baileys a few days early this year. Imagine my surprise when someone local to me said he had an unopened bottle of Forty Creek Cream Liquor that needed a home. (Haven’t we all fallen victim to the liquor store tasting table? I know I have. *remembers ill-conceived bottle of Goldschlager*)

We made arrangements to meet up and this kindly smiling fellow gave me a totally random holiday gift.

Honestly? I’ve been smiling all afternoon and not because I have opened the bottle yet. It was a nice gesture. He and I have talked politics before, and are on pretty opposite ends of the spectrum, but the conversation is always respectful. He certainly didn’t have to drive into a busy box-store business park on the day before Black Friday just to give me a bottle of booze, but he did, and it was just such a random kindness that guess what! My holiday mojo has raised its weary head and is peeking around.

I’m certainly going to pay it forward; I’m thinking now of what small, unexpected thing I can do for someone that will give them a lift. I’m smiling even more at the thought of it.

There is a grandma who volunteers every day at George’s preschool. I know she won’t get gifts like the other two staff do because her name isn’t down as a “teacher”, but she works just as hard and is very sweet & patient with the kids. I think she’s the one I’d like to do a little something extra for. Now I just have to figure out what that something is.

Posted by: Hannah | 11/25/2015

day 25

PD day # 1 nearly done.

It’s been, dare I say it, fun? Taking Arthur out of the mix really improved the dynamic around here. Harry and Ron are so enthusiastic about things, so eager to take part in things, and so patient with the little ones, that it’s a pleasure to have them here, rather than an agonizing nine-hour effort to keep them entertained.

We made flubber (that was good for nearly two hours today, which amazed me), built the train tracks, went for a walk and to the neighbourhood playground.

While at the playground, a wee orange kitten with a collar and a tag and a bell came over and started playing with us. He was very sweet, and it was adorable, until it was time to go and he followed us to our car. Then he tried to get in the car, and when I wouldn’t allow that he promptly started chasing leaves in the road.

With Harry’s help I corralled the kitten. His tag had both his phone number and home address on it, so we called the number. He was quite a distance from home, the silly thing, and since he’s only six months old (!) the chances were good that if I hadn’t picked him he’d have been lost, hit by a car, or eaten by one of the many coyotes in our neighbourhood.

His owner drove over to pick him up, and she was very quick, but that five minutes was pretty long. For two of those minutes he was content to be cuddled, but for the remaining three minutes he scratched, bit, and struggled to escape.

Fortunately his teeth weren’t very sharp.

It was all very exciting, and I felt like I’d definitely done a good deed, so that was nice.


Posted by: Hannah | 11/24/2015

day 24

November is almost over, and it didn’t start wearing on me until this morning.

I suspect it’s because I’m staring down the barrel of two PD days in a row this week. In a row! WHAT THE SHIT, SCHOOL BOARD?? They are off tomorrow, off Thursday, back for Friday, then the weekend. Would it have killed them to do the two days off as Thursday & Friday? WOULD IT???

*breathes deeply*

It’ll be fine, I’m sure.

At least this year we got the report cards before parent-teacher night. This has never happened before, which was just baffling, if you ask me. It somehow managed to make both parent-teacher AND the report card completely irrelevant; as a parent I didn’t have anything specific to ask about during the meeting, and then when the report card came there were no surprises.


I rummaged through the mitten box this morning because the temperature has dropped 20 degrees since yesterday – it’s cold out there – and realized that I forgot to buy more, even though I planned to a couple months ago. So then I felt stupid. Then I had to think about whether or not snowpants were a good idea today (I decided against it and I’m feeling really guilty now, because the wind is pretty cold). I’m getting a migraine and my brain hurts. NOVEMBER. FROM HELL’S HEART I STAB AT THEE.

On the plus side, George did his entire swimming lesson last night with a smile on his face, and he went to preschool this morning without a fuss. I think maybe we’ve turned a corner on the whole “I can’t ever be away from Mommy” thing. I’m going away this weekend, though, so we’ll see.

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