Posted by: Hannah | 07/05/2010

Well, my contract has not been renewed.  The great “work at home” experiment has been, I have to say, a dismal failure.  It was a long, horrible year, and I wanted to quit so badly… now they’ve taken the decision away from me, which sucks, but at least it’s over.

Or is it?

Stupidly, as it turns out, I signed a contract with a three-month cancellation clause.  Namely, either party could cancel the contract but needed three months’ notice.  So, I am on the hook for another three months.  I hated working for them anyway.  Working for them for another three months knowing that they don’t like me or my work is just… wretched.

To help pay the bills, I’m planning to offer before-and-after-school care for up to four kids.  I know there is a need in my community and I’m hoping I’ll be able to find some clients.  It’ll be good for me, good for James, and good for Isaac too.  I don’t care if it’s not utilizing any of my “work” skills.  I don’t care if I have a university degree I never use.  My quality of life – and that of my children – is more important to me than living up to other people’s notions of what I should be doing.

I’m actually really looking forward to it.  Also to ditching the goddamn Blackberry (I have DETESTED that devil-box right from day one), reclaiming my laptop, disconnecting the office phone.

This is what I wanted all along, it really was.  To be home, with my kids.  To make the house a home.


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