Posted by: Hannah | 07/19/2010

doing better

Saturday was the worst day in ages, but mercifully when I woke up on Sunday I felt better.

We built a swingset / slide for the kids, even though it was so bloody damn hot I actually found myself reading the instructions upside down at one point and wondering why I couldn’t make sense of them.  Some of my family showed up to help without being asked, and once it was done the sense of accomplishment banished some of my anxiety and stress.  We built this one: – the fourth configuration, but with a straight slide.

Sadly, my ass is too wide for said slide (heh, rhymes) and the swings pinch my saddlebags.  More motivation to lose weight.  From my highest known weight I’m down 18 pounds… I know I was heavier than my highest weight though because I started watching what I ate a full month before I got up the nerve to step on the scale.  I’m down to a size 16 from a size 20 and every pair of shorts I bought for the summer fall down when I walk.  My new goal is to lose enough weight to go down that slide without sticking halfway down.

I’ve posted an ad offering before and after school child care on some local community websites.  Today I’m making the rounds with printed flyers that I’ll put up around the area.  I’m not sure what plan B is if I can’t find any clients.  I’m hoping to goodness I can get enough kids to watch to make this change viable.

I feel like this a huge chance.  If I can get enough clients and it works for our family, we are having another child.  Yes, the decision has been made.  We couldn’t figure out how to do it with me working outside the home, but once we examined it from the position of me being a stay-at-home mom with some kind of income, it was a much easier decision.  So a lot is riding on this… or on some other way for me to make money while I’m home.  I haven’t given up on the real estate licensing either – my plan is to take the course by correspondence and go from there.

This is rambling.  This isn’t writing, this is recording.  Sometimes though, I find I need to do that, too.



  1. Yay pants sizes!!!! And new baby? Wow… I hope it works out…

  2. Hope it works out for you! Great job on the new pant sizes. That is fabulous!

  3. YAY FOR PANTS should be a bumper sticker. It just sounds hilarious when you say it out loud.

    And BTW, I do realize the supreme irony of announcing my decision to have another child a day after confessing that I wished I could live completely alone. What can I say – I’m a complex woman. 😉

  4. laughing at your own followup comment, though not at the post. i hope it all lines up for you…we’ve always had in-home sitters and i know it’s a career that requires some capacity for believing things’ll just work out, but for our three, it always has thus far. i think you’d be great, in spite of desire to live completely alone. that’s living. this is work. you seem to be a person who inherently gets the difference.

    as for the baby…that’s wonderful. 🙂

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