Posted by: Hannah | 07/29/2010

image 001:365

So, at the prompting of the lovely Sue, I have started project 365 – taking a different photo each day for a full year.  This will give me a goal.  And blog fodder.  And encourage me to use settings on my wee camera other than “auto”.

We’ve decided that once a month, we’ll take self-portraits. I set the camera on “night scene” (hey, it’s a start!) and wandered around dark rooms in my house taking my picture.

This is what you get when you take your picture in a full-length mirror that has apparently been badly smeared by small children. I actually kind of like the effect. You remember the ghost story we all heard as kids, that if you looked in the mirror at midnight and said “Bloody Mary” enough times she would appear? I imagine it would look something like this.

self-portrait, a coolish evening in July

There was no deeper thought behind this, no composition, no larger plan – I literally just took a whole whack of pictures and chose the one I liked the best.  If I’d been trying to get this effect, it wouldn’t have happened.

Tomorrow is Thing 1’s fifth birthday.  I daresay tomorrow’s picture will be more cute and less tortured teenaged goth.



  1. Ah, I get a kick out of tortured teen goth. I’d never heard of the “Bloody Mary in the mirror at midnight” story, btw.

  2. This is cool! And you look totally hardcore. 🙂

  3. That picture is really scary! I thought so as soon as I saw it.

  4. The things that happen by accident are often terrific – as is this. I might not have confessed, myself.

  5. I love this picture…streaks and all!

  6. ooh, spooky!

    Now I’m in the mood for s’mores.

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