Posted by: Hannah | 07/30/2010

image 002:365

Took lots of pictures yesterday, because it was Thing 1’s birthday.  Some great shots of him, but it’s pretty easy to make a five year old look good when they’re staring down the barrel of an ice cream cake.  So choosing one for The Picture was harder, because I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular when I started snapping.

Lesson # 1  of Project 365 – have a thought in your head when you start taking pictures.

Thing 1 wanted to go to Ross Farm for his birthday, because I raised that boy right.  If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, you must go.  It’s just a wonderful place and we always have a great time… we actually bought a season pass this year, and I never do things like that.

I wandered around with my camera out, snapping things at random, and ended up with lots of close-ups of animals.

These pigs are a’courtin’.  No, seriously.  They were in the breeding pen, getting to know one another.  The male pig (boar, I think you’re supposed to call a male pig?) was making this funny little high-pitched whistling sound while he snuffled at the female.  I don’t speak “Pig”  but even I knew sweet nothings when I heard them.  And they were very sociable – kept sticking their snouts out through the fence for the kids to pet them.

Then I got up close and personal with some sheep, who prefer to eat grass from the wrong side of the fence even though their pasture is full of grass.  As the kids were frantically yanking out tufts of grass and stuffing it into the very pushy sheep I thought to myself, “huh, apparently the grass IS always greener on the other side of the fence”.  And that struck me as hilarious.

This picture is a disappointment to me.  The light wasn’t great because it was very overcast, but in real life there was more of a misty quality and the greens were more vibrant.  This is something I will need to work on, I guess.

Image 002:365

In the end, I chose this as my picture of the day.  The window looks crooked because of the angle – I was standing sort of to one side, and looking up it, taking photos instead of snaps is HARD, ya’ll – but overall I’m quite pleased with it.  This is a hollyhock, growing outside of Rosebank Cottage at Ross Farm. If we hadn’t gone off the path to look at some sheep, we never would have seen it – it’s on the opposite side of the cottage from the main path through the farm. It’s a good seven feet high.

I love the window itself, and the weathered old shingles.

I chose this picture because I can clearly see some lessons I can learn for next time, and after having only taken two pictures I am amazed at how much differently I am looking at my own pictures now.  I feel like maybe after a year of practice I might actually start to purposefully compose images instead of just frantically trying to capture fleeting moments in my kids’ lives.  (Which is also a worthwhile endeavour, but not artistically satisfying, heh).



  1. My mom grew hollyhocks and was passionate about them, so this picture warms my heart.

  2. I love love LOVE hollyhocks! Sounds like a fun birthday party!

  3. What a cool place for a party! I’ve got a soft spot for weatherboards. 🙂

  4. I know what you mean…at the same time, sometimes the magic can happen when you’re not planning anything.

    How serendipitous that the hollyhock was right in front of the window! It almost looks like it’s in a frame. I also love the sheep photo.

  5. The colour values in the hollyhock shot are lovely. And I agree with you – misty muted coloured woods are hard. I kick up the aperture priority and that helps a bit, but you really need one beam of sunlight or something.

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