Posted by: Hannah | 08/04/2010

image 007:365

I’m only a week late on the theme of “sustenance”.  Also, I’m totally confused now about how many pictures I should have… are we up to eight?  Or only seven?  (And I wonder why I had a hard time juggling an at-home job and kids).


This is from our little raised-bed garden.  We weren’t harvesting (well, except for the zucchini) – we were just thinning out the herd to make room for the tomatoes, which are slowly taking over the entire space.  Also, we wanted to see how the peppers were doing behind all the celery.

We planted too many things.  I haven’t had a garden since I was a kid and hubby never had a successful one, so we bought lots of different transplants and just stuck ’em all in the ground.  And lo, we have a profusion of (totally organic!) greenery and more celery than any one family could ever hope to eat.

When everything was piled up on the table last night I was struck by the bright colours, especially as they contrasted with my plastic table cover (purchased to save my beautiful table from the children).  So I got out the camera and proceeded to drive everyone nuts.  First I made the kids move back out of the way.  Then I made hubby move some chairs.  And I fiddled with the lights.  And I stood up and knelt down and leaned in weird directions and muttered to myself for a good solid ten minutes.

It was such fun.



  1. What bounty! I like the angle you’ve captured.

  2. Clever background. And I’m with you on the garden. Snap beans in piles. And piles. All at once.

  3. I like the combination of whites and greens, as if they are all saying, “tomatoes, you are not welcome here.”

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