Posted by: Hannah | 08/09/2010

falling behind

So far behind on Project 365. Have the pictures, not the time to upload. Sad. Sadsadsad.


Pet peeves of the week:

  1. Two year olds and their wretched, out-of-control mood swings.
  2. Fruit flies. FROOOOOOT FLIIIIIIIIIES. Fuck it, I’m switching to an all-meat diet.
  3. Redneck neighbours working on junked-out cars at 11:30pm. And by “working on”, I mean “banging on car with a large hammer”.
  4. Grocery stores.
  5. Migraines.


Still no kids for before-and-after care.  Now looking at taking in two kids full time.  Less ideal because leaves little time for real estate course studying.  But actually have no choice. Can’t afford to return to work unless I find a job that pays more than any job I’ve ever had.


And yet, despite all the stress here lately, oddly happy.  Thing 1 starts school in three weeks (yay!)  Hubby enjoys his new job (extra yay!)  The last of father-in-law’s boxes have been emptied and removed from my garage (eight years after we started, the clutter is gone).  Fall is in the air, nights are cooler.  Tomatoes are starting to ripen.  Trying to find the grace in small things – not always succeeding, but it gets easier all the time.  Serenity still escapes me but contentment is here more often than not.


Now, if only I had time to post some photos…


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