Posted by: Hannah | 08/09/2010

some efforts are better than others

Not much luck with the last few images – got some good ones and some that just came out odd… largely because I’ve been using that “manual” setting more and more.  Sometimes, the results are not what I looking for.  But, truth in reporting, right?  Right.  Unlike the Canadian Parliamentary press corps, I have standards.  Therefore, I will publish the good, the bad, and the ugly.



Thing 2 making zucchini bread.  Apparently, if you don’t select “auto”, motion is captured exactly as is.  Leading one to believe that his left hand is a blur of motion.  At the time, I thought he was standing still.


Thing 1 with my friend’s son.  The light was so good, and the blues and greens made such a great contrast, I took about a dozen of these.


Thing 2, avoiding the splash pad like those fountains were spraying sulfuric acid instead of cool water on a hot day.

So, if I’m counting correctly, I’m caught up to last Friday, right?  While I am enjoying the project, I am finding it hard to actually take a picture every single day.  Some days I take loads.  Other days, not so much.  Like Saturday, when I spent seven hours cleaning the garage of the last of my father-in-law’s effects, that was not a day for cameras.

Anyone else cheating a little bit?  Or is it just me?



  1. In that 1st shot, you needed to set your shutter speed higher, like 1/200th of a second. I tend to go manual on only one count–either aperture or shutter speed–depending on the context and then let the camera do the rest. Sometimes, I’ll set the ISO manually too. So far I’ve been too intimidated to go completely manual.

    As for cheating, I did it twice in the first week. I took pictures everyday, but two subjects (the Street theatre and the yellow flower) yielded better results when I tried shooting them the weekend before the project started. I reshot them the day-of but not with any success. Since then I haven’t cheated, but, then again, I’ve been on vacation–a time when you can’t help but take pictures every day.

    I love the light in those last 2 shots, btw.

  2. Oh boy, shutter speed. Something I’ve never considered. I just looked up my camera – a simple Canon PowerShot A550 – and I think I can make some adjustments to that. I’ll have to play around with it. Thanks for telling me, though. I had no idea. 🙂

  3. I haven’t cheated yet, but I’m on holiday, too. I’ve been wondering how I’ll manage when things get crazy again. Today, I ended up with my spider, but I took over 50 shots (not just of the spider), so I had all sorts of things to choose from. I have been tempted, when the light is particularly good, to take a few that I can use later (I think that might be pre-meditated cheating). One thing that I wanted to take was the alignment of the three planets a couple of evenings ago, but didn’t manage to get myself to a good spot in time…but that has been the case recently; I’ve been looking for things to shoot, and I haven’t really ever done that before.

  4. I haven’t cheated yet, but I’ve been tempted. It’s certainly not easy to find time every day, but I’ve generally been good about taking the camera with me everywhere I go…still lots of time left, though!

  5. Haven’t cheated yet, but have thought about–especially since I was on vacation and took loads of pictures then and now that I’m back at work not so much. And I’ve also had that “pre-mediated” cheating thought when I have the luck to have 2 or 3 good pictures in one day (So why not use one of these in the future if I don’t have time or only take cruddy pictures?). So far I’ve resisted.

  6. I have been tempted to cheat a whole bunch. And sometimes I take a shot I’m sure I’m going to use the next day. Then, for some reason, I don’t. It’s the left-over missionary kid in me, I think.

  7. I’m shooting in batches – and posting in batches. I don’t know that that’s cheating because the rules are very loose. I just don’t have my life organized to do one a day.

    I love your blue and green shot.

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