Posted by: Hannah | 08/15/2010

playing catch up

Or, my promise to suck less!  Every day!

I have been taking pictures.  I HAVE.  But yes, some days I take lots of pictures and some days I just… don’t.  Since this is meant to be a friendly group, I’m going to try and ditch the guilt and just say well, as long as I have 365 pictures by the end of July 2011 I’ll feel like I’ve succeeded.

I’ve got to post eight pictures in order to catch up.  Eight, lord help us.  Sorry now for the overload of images.


There’s lots of things wrong with this picture, from a technical standpoint.  But in terms of capturing Thing 2’s personality, and my husband’s total love for him, it’s spot-on.


Trying to capture acrobats at the Busker Festival.  And failing.  Starting to think I need a proper SLR camera instead of a marginally-adjustable point and shoot.


This was moonrise and sunset happening almost simultaneously, with Venus rising as well.  Later in the evening, Mars and Saturn were also visible in a triangle pattern.  This picture did NOT work out, as you can see.  I don’t often take pictures at night.


So I went out the next night, and tried again – experimenting with different settings, flash on, flash off… I even tinkered with the aperture.  I really like this one.  I’m not quite sure how I did it – that comes later, right? – but I like the way the daisy is so very bright, since it reflects the flash back.


One of the nicer tourist information centres in the province. ‘Nuff said.


This was a different night at the Busker Festival (it runs for 10 days, so we went back on three different nights).  I have seldom seen anyone as “bold” as this gal – Miss Molotov.  Her act was not terribly smooth, her patter needed some work – but when she started to breathe fire, she was just awesome.  Fortunately, she did it several times, so I was able to get the timing down.  This was the last and best of about ten attempts to actually catch the fire streaming out of her mouth.


This is the newest member of our family, adopted just yesterday from the infamous Ross Farm.  (Where we should have our own parking spot, I swear.)  Anyway, they are overrun with cats – some of their own, some dropped off by people in the community who end up with unwanted kittens.  It’s probably horribly irresponsible but you can just take home a kitten if you want one.  I’ve been visiting this little guy for weeks and I finally did something very out of character for me – I just decided I was having him, and brought him home.  Bold enough?

His name is Chester.  Expect him to star in several shots.  He is very obliging and seems to quite like the camera.


Seaweed clump.  They come, they go.  I know it looks fairly permanent but I’m glad I got a picture – I went back later that same day and it was gone.


I want to thank everyone who is commenting and visiting.  I am, so far, not very good at keeping up with the rest of you.  I AM looking – just not always commenting.  Things are very hectic on the home front just now, and taking the time to do this is getting harder all the time.  So – I just wanted to say I appreciate it, even though I am being a bit of a selfish toad just now.



  1. Good decision – orange kitties are the very best kind.

    I love that top photo – what struck me about it is that although there isn’t an obvious resemblance, there is an impishness to the two of them that is identical.

  2. the one of your husband and son is so sweet.

    i was shocked at how much better my pictures my DSL took, even on the auto setting with me doing NO work at all. now if I can just learn how to do cool stuff with it… that’s part of why i took on this challenge.

  3. Orange tabbies are the best; Fire Lady is pretty fearsome; thank the gods that seaweed comes and goes; and I was going to try for Venus, Saturn and Mars on one of the three nights they were aligned, but do I have any posted night shots? No, I do not. There’s a great energy in the dad/son photo. : )

  4. Chester is a beauty.

    and i love the one of Michael & James very much.

  5. I love the one of your husband and son. The love there is so evident.

    The shot of the firebreather is great!

  6. I agree that the one of your husband and son is wonderful. The expressions are so great.

    You captured some other cool stuff, too. I like the seaweed clump, and great job with the fire-breather!

  7. I saw these earlier this week and am surprised to see that I didn’t comment at the time. I’m really partial to the one of Michael and James. I also like the busker shot a lot.

  8. Man, Miss Molotov is hella scary. Scary cool? Nah, just scary.

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