Posted by: Hannah | 08/20/2010

Cut, cut, cut!

Today, I purged my “friends” list on Facebook.

From 146, I’m down to 97.  It’s still too long.  Certainly I don’t know 97 people that would, say, come to my house for a barbeque.  Or maybe I do and I’m selling myself short.  But, I dumped almost 50 people from my personal life in the space of ten minutes.

And it felt awesome.

It started with a friend of mine culling his own list.  (Check out his blog for his excellent reasons for doing so, which I echo wholeheartedly.  Actually, check him out anyway.  He’s got some really interesting stuff about communications and social media).

Aaannnddd… back to me.  OK.  As I was wiping my brow, relieved that I’d made the cut, it dawned on me that there were an awful lot of people in my list that I never heard from beyond that first contact.  I could be dumped from their lists and never notice a lack.  They never comment on anything I post.  They don’t even pop up in my news feed since I blocked their stupid Farmville updates.

I stewed on that for a few days.

Then, something weird happened.

On my list is a friend of my mom’s.  She added me, I accepted.  Why not.  She seems nice.  And I know her and mom are very close.  After a week I hid her from my news feed, because she’s an application junkie.  And then I promptly forgot about her.

Until yesterday, when my mom asked me to please take the friend off my list.  When pressed, she admitted that said friend has been reading  my status updates and then complaining about my parenting to my mother.


So, I deleted her.  And then some other people.  And then some other ones, too.  Haven’t heard from you for months?  Gone.  Your status updates are of the “this morning I woke up and had coffee and am going for groceries later” variety?  Gone.  You never comment on anything at all, ever?  G.O.N.E.

New criteria – if I wouldn’t invite you to my house for a beer, you are out.


Just for curiosity’s sake, I read back over a month’s worth of status updates, to see what it was that prompted this woman I barely know to tell my mother that I, apparently, hate my kids and complain about them all the time. I’m at a loss.  In the course of August my updates were about Buskers, insomnia, zucchini, video games, a road trip, and funny things the boys said.  Also work.  I dunno.  But I know I’m glad to be done with it.



  1. good for you! i should really do the same.

    and you are an AWESOME parent.

  2. Thank you. I have to admit, the whole situation rattled me more than it probably should have.

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