Posted by: Hannah | 10/04/2010

looking up

I was getting panicky about my plan to take in kids so I can stay home with mine (and hopefully start on a third of my own early in 2011).  I wasn’t getting any nibbles.  The ads offering in-home care outnumbered the ads of people looking for same by a three-to-one margin.

Suddenly the end of October, at which time we have officially gone through the last of the money I earned at The Contract From Hell®, was looking awfully close.  We were starting to talk about Christmas, and how we could budget sensibly for it.  I bought clothes for myself at Value Village for the first time since the ass fell out of a pair of used pants when I was in third-year university (another story, but it poisoned me on thrift-store shopping for adult clothes; let’s just say if you unwittingly walk six blocks with your entire ass covered in granny-panties exposed to the world, it sours you somewhat).

Every day when he got home from work, hubby would ask me “have you had any leads yet?” and while I knew he was trying to be supportive I could cheerfully have stuck a fork in his eye Every. Single. Time. because it just served to remind me that no, I hadn’t, and I really didn’t want to go back to working late shift at the pizza shop for the winter.


And then, just like that, a mom called.  She’s just back off maternity leave, works from home, is trying to build a client base and only needs one afternoon a week.  She’s coming by today to meet me and see the space.

Then Saturday, an email.  Another mom, with a 20 month old and pregnant again, just wants a couple of afternoons a week so she can rest up and get some time to herself.  She’s coming tomorrow evening.

Today, someone looking for full time care for her two year old, starting November 1st.  We’re exchanging emails, nothing is confirmed yet, but it’s a solid lead.  And represents enough money that if the other part-time kids pan out, we’ll be set.

I’m so relieved.  And grateful.  I know I can do this.  I’m delighted that I’m getting the chance.



  1. Yay for some solid leads! 🙂

    How on earth does the ass fall out of a pair of pants?!?!

  2. Your guess is as good as mine. I was walking from my job on Spring Garden Rd. to Dalhousie – I had an exam that night – and I did think I felt chilly, but I couldn’t put together why. Walked the whole damn way like that! A total stranger (bless him) stopped me shortly after I got to campus and said I had a hole in my pants. I found a washroom and yeah, hole? Um, no. The whole thing had ripped along the seam – fabric was rotten – it must have happened when I bent over to tie my sneakers and I didn’t notice somehow.

    Not one of my finer moments. 🙂

  3. you’re gonna rock this.

    and i’m very excited to hear about the prospect of a third child, h.

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