Posted by: Hannah | 10/12/2010


We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday.  It was delicious.  Free range turkey? is a completely different experience from factory-raised.  I’ll never go back.  If I have to prostitute myself to buy another one for Christmas, I may do that.  Yummy.

Also, Thing #1 likes pumpkin pie a whole whole lot.  I find this gratifying, for some reason.

Today though… blergh.  I don’t know what the Thanksgiving equivalent is to Boxing Day, but that’s what it’s been like here today.  Thing #1 is bored after three days off school.  Thing #2 is getting over a bout of croup, and screaming blue murder every time he needs a puffer.  Four times a day!  YAY!  IT’S FUN!  Hubby is depressed because this is his first Thanksgiving since his dad died, and he invited his sister to come for dinner – an invitation that she never accepted or declined until lunchtime yesterday, when he finally called her to get rejected.  (Side note: this is totally in character and unsurprising behaviour from his sister.  Not because she’s a bad person – she isn’t – but she’s got very little empathy.  I wasn’t expecting her to come.  I am still kind of unsure how to make him feel better about that one.  He wants her to be a more relational sort of person, and she never will.  Maybe I should give him some pie.)

And me?  I am SICK.  So sick.  Stuffy head, that weird stingy almost-sneezing-but-not-quite feeling in my nose, aching joints, blocked ears.  And tired.  Just no energy.  Both Things were up at the ungodly hour of 6AM, and I thought I had it cased… but by 10AM I was done in.  I managed to get the turkey stock done, and that was about it.  I didn’t ever put on a bra.  I ate pie.  And a turkey sandwich.  Otherwise, it was a tea/decongestant/Kleenex kind of a day.  Oh, and there is a Hoarders marathon on A&E.  You’d think I wouldn’t want to watch it, since I lived with one for five years, but I still find it fascinating.  I wish they would focus more on the “aftercare” and less on the two-day clean up blitz, but I suppose that would be boring for most people.

So, what am I thankful for?  Well, my kids only have head colds, not something worse.  They are old enough that mommy could spend most of the day on the couch with tissues stuck up her nose, and they were OK.  I have two extra kids this week, so extra money coming in for the Christmas fund.  There is a sweet orange kitten curled up on my feet asleep.  I have a roof over my head, more than enough food to eat, a healthy family, friends near and far.  It’s a good life, runny nose and all.

Perhaps I should have another piece of pie?



  1. mmmm pie. I’m thankful that at least my internet friends get me. 😀

    Feel better!

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