Posted by: Hannah | 10/18/2010

he slept!

In his own bed, all night.

We started talking about bed a good hour before bedtime.  I managed to get him into a warm oatmeal bath to soothe him further (he’s also started resisting baths lately.  That’s another story.)  I let him choose his pajamas.  I read him a story and sang to him.

And then he started to get upset.  “Mamma you no leave.  Mamma NO LEAVE.  No turn off yights”.

Huh?  What was that last one?

He has a nightlight, but it’s very dim.  It’s really more so that no one stubs a toe if there is a night waking.  He’s never been afraid of the dark before.  Apparently, he is now.

(I blame Hallowe’en.  This whole “I’m scared of everything” binge started right around the time cheap animatronic junk started appearing in stores.)

So I brought him my bedside lamp.  He said that was “better”.  He got up one more time but he was really half-asleep at that point.  From 11pm until midnight he was fussy, but that had more to do with his lingering cough than anything – and he settled easily when I went in and patted his back a couple of times.

From midnight until 7:15, I never heard a peep.  He woke in his own bed, pleasant.  He told us all he was a good boy.  He got a family hug and everyone started the day in a good frame of mind – and it’s now 10:45 and he hasn’t whined once.

Dear Baby Jesus:  Please, let this continue.  I know our family’s equilibrium shouldn’t ride on the sleep cycle of a 2.5 year old tyrant, but it does – so DEAR BABY JESUS LET THIS CHILD KEEP SLEEPING AT NIGHT.  Amen.



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