Posted by: Hannah | 10/23/2010

something i don’t understand

This morning while the kids watch Saturday morning cartoons I’ve been roaming the internet catching up on my celebrity gossip.  Because I am fascinated with that shit.  Please don’t ask me why.  I don’t know.  And I’m not proud.


The producers of The Hangover 2 were apparently looking to cast Mel Gibson in a cameo role as “an angry tattoo artist”.  Apparently, “angry wife-beating Jew-hating weirdo” is being saved for The Hangover 3: The Final Showdown.  After some members of the cast and crew rebelled, Mel’s been cut.  Yay!  Now I don’t need to feel guilty when I fork over $12.99 to watch a bunch of grown men parade around Bangkok getting into hilariously improbable drunken situations that will be comfortably resolved in 120 minutes or less.


Isn’t this the same Hollywood that continues to defend Roman Polanski?  The same Hollywood that lionizes Woody Allen despite the whole sleeping-with-his-stepdaughter thing?  The same Hollywood that, now that he’s dead, seem to be forgetting that Michael Jackson was a drug addict and a pedophile and instead focus on what a great dancer he was, my stars!

Is this not the same franchise that featured Mike Tyson – a rapist who bit a guy’s ear off in the ring – in a cameo in the first movie?  Nobody seems to have minded that.

I just don’t get it.  I’m glad some of the cast & crew apparently took a stand and voiced their displeasure about letting Mel try to resuscitate his image on the backs of their success.  But – the hypocrisy bothers me.







  1. i think a big part of the difference – and i’m intentionally standing outside the conversation here, talking about what i see analytically – is that with Mel the tapes made it abundantly clear that he had unhinged and was full of hate and anger.

    the others, beyond the visual evidence of the ear Tyson bit off, mostly involve various forms of sexual inappropriateness or predation between a powerful male and a less powerful female or child. with nobody there to witness. and basically, that’s just not as clear a situation, in the public mind. nobody can say “i heard it with my own ears.” beyond that, i don’t think inappropriate use of sexual power is as beyond the pale in our society as we might like to think it is.

    now, part of me thinks it’s great that at least shouting hateful crazy shit HAS finally gone beyond the pale, as Mel’s case suggests. but i wonder if people just really judge him for being stupid enough to get caught?

  2. Bon could be right. But I also think that Mel Gibson has revealed himself to be “not our kind” from the Hollywood point of view. He never really was their kind, what with the weird pre-Vatican II Catholicism, etc. etc. but even before the recent tapes, his anti-Semitic tirades set him firmly outside the cultural norm. Roman Polanski, on the other hand, IS “our kind” – he just happens to have done something bad, something that’s easy to dismiss as having happened long ago.

  3. Like you, Bon, I do wonder if it isn’t the out-and-out weirdness of the whole Mel thing – the seemingly endless tapes – that might be the difference.

    Then again, there are also tapes of Alec Baldwin freaking out at his eleven year old daughter and calling her a “fat pig”. So, I think Bea has an interesting point about how Mel’s choices in recent years had put him outside the norm – even before the latest round of insanity.

  4. Maybe I’m not paying enough attention to celebrities in general these days, but I know Alec Baldwin gave a public mea cupla about what he did to his daughter. Tyson has done something similar (I think). MJ … well he died and people hate to malign the dead. Woody Allen and Polanski … I hate to say it but they are artistic geniuses (same with MJ). Modern film would not be the same without them. And, as a society, we tend to make a lot of allowances for genius (especially when they make Annie Hall, Manhattan, and The Pianist). And, Woody did marry his step daughter 😉

    I don’t remember Gibson apologizing and I don’t think he’s ever been considered a genius. Maybe its you can do something bad and apologize. Or, do something bad and be a genius (or die). But, do something bad (get caught) and do nothing … tough shit.

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