Posted by: Hannah | 11/01/2010

wakey wakey

Good news – Thing #2 is once again sleeping through the night.

Bad news – I’m not.

There is a lot of dreck on TV at 3AM.

Doesn’t seem to matter what time I go to bed.  I fall asleep easily.  I have no bad dreams.  But sometime between 2AM and 4AM my eyes open and that’s it – I’m up.  Prowling the house, usually, because lying in my bed awake stresses me out.  Wandering through the internet, wrapped up in a blanket on the living room couch and waiting for my eyes to finally slam closed from sheer exhaustion.

Turns out night-wakings are a habit with adults, too.

Tomorrow I take down all the Hallowe’en decorations.  My boys are already getting excited for Xmas, and I can’t really blame them, since the damn stores switched out their decorations a week ago.  (At the grocery store in my hometown, a large fake Santa was set up in the lobby around the 20th of October.  A fed-up shopper added plastic devil horns and a pitchfork.  Sadly, I did not get a picture.)  I “did” Hallowe’en largely by myself this year; hubby has had a !!!sinus infection!!! that he just can’t shake and I have mentioned before I think just how well he copes with head colds and the like, so I’ve been on my own.  I decorated and found costumes and baked cookies and read books with friendly rhymes about mummies and ghouls and the like.  I bought the candy and stuffed the bags for the trick or treaters and I even made squash & carrot soup for supper last night, because it was orange and thus fit the theme.  (Also told the Things there would be no trick or treating if they didn’t eat every bite.  Because I am a mean mean mommy.  It worked though.  And the soup was tasty, if a truly over-the-top shade of orange that practically glowed in the dark.)

This week is septic tank cleaning (oh hai, for those of you who’ve done that before, just how bad does it smell?  We’ve not been in a house long enough before to actually get this done); Thing #1’s first parent-teacher conference (which I had to get a babysitter for even though it’s only a 10-minute meeting, because hubby insists on attending and I am NOT getting left out of that, particularly since I’m the one who helps the boy with his homework, thank you very much); new full-time kid starts here in OH LOOK, LESS THAN FOUR HOURS, FUCK YOU, INSOMNIA; plus an oil change for the car and I have to send a picture of Thing #1’s grandfather in his naval uniform to school for Veteran’s Week and does anyone else find their days disappearing like this?


Suppose it’s not shocking really that I can’t sleep.



  1. Fuck. I’m just about the same, except I don’t get to sleep until 1 or 2 and the stress wakes me before the sun like a gnawing dog.

    Fucking adulthood.

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