Posted by: Hannah | 11/07/2010

all growed up

Last night I did something new.

I let hubby invite some people that I really don’t know well at all over for dinner.

He’s met this guy, very nice fellow, a cancer researcher (!) through his nerdly pursuit of tabletop gaming.  I’ve spoken to him once or twice, and they were at our big summer barbeque this year, but that’s it.

For me, that means he is basically a stranger.  Same with his wife (also a cancer researcher, incidentally).  But, I’ve made a promise to myself to spend less time fretting about life and more time living it, so… OK.  You want to invite two PhDs over for dinner, honey?  Two PhDs I barely know, and their nine month old daughter?  Alright.  You got it. *breathes into paper bag*



I deliberately picked a very simple menu – just a pork roast with sweet potatoes, onions, carrots and apples all in one pan.  Apple pie.  They brought a bottle of very nice wine.  All three kids sat at the big table with the grown ups, and everyone served themselves.  They were here for five hours, we all talked nonstop, and when the baby finally put her tiny little foot down (clad in sparkly silver sneakers, no less) and they had to go home I didn’t want them to leave.

This is huge.  I like my alone space, me.

Also huge is that I didn’t get all fretful, or obsessive.  Yes, I cleaned the house but I would have anyway.  And I cleaned it, I didn’t go through like a whirlwind purging every last piece of clutter like I usually do.  I didn’t try some overambitious and complicated meal that would pin me in the kitchen for the entire visit.  I asked them to come back any time – and I meant it.

It felt very adult.  And also very comfortable.  I’m guessing some of you are thinking “for god’s sake woman, you just had people over for dinner.  It’s not a big deal”… but it is.  For me, it is.




  1. Having company over is a big thing for me, too. So I totally get this. Well done! 🙂 I’m thoroughly impressed, and happy for you that it went so well! 🙂

  2. well done, you.

    i find having people into my home can be a huge deal when i’m already overloaded, so i think i get it. i also LOVE hanging with people when my stress monkey self doesn’t take over, so i think i get how fun it must have been.

    they were clearly lucky just to get to be at your place. 🙂

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