Posted by: Hannah | 12/06/2010

a minute, snipped

Day follows day, little events making up the whole and then wham! another week goes by.  Thing #1 had a domino artist at his school last week, and that’s what my days are like – little individual blocks of sameness, running together in a blur that makes a pretty picture if you stand back far enough.

Tonight a howling gale woke me and I’m just sitting, cat curled up next to me, hearing the wind chimes on the back deck trying to break loose and hoping we don’t lose any more shingles.  I should be in bed, today is a busy day with three extra kids to look after plus cookies to bake and dammit, didn’t I forget I was planning to make-ahead the spaghetti sauce until just this minute, but I crave these moments of stillness and sometimes, I can only get them at four in the morning.



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