Posted by: Hannah | 01/09/2011

glumly staring at the snow

Today is…

Today I feel…

I cleaned out the fridge and bought groceries and made chicken stock and lunch.  I wrote my bio for another photo group I’m joining.  I’m trying to potty train my recalcitrant nearly three-year-old.  I’m learning how to run a snowblower this afternoon because there is an honest-to-god storm howling outside, and the driveway needs to be clear tomorrow morning for all the mommies dropping off their kids.

I had a fight with Thing #1.  A stupid fight, a “this is the straw that broke the camel’s back” fight.  A “why did you pull the drawstring out of those pants and then throw it in the garbage, now those pants don’t fit you, do you think pants grow on TREES??” fight.  And then I sobbed.

My bedroom is not my sanctuary.  My bedroom is a catch-all junk hole for everything in the house.  Clothes are flung here there and everywhere.  Clothes that are ten years old, or too small, or too big, or just plain wrong and ugly.

I have one pair of jeans.  My socks today don’t match, because I couldn’t find a pair.

My blog feels tired.  Like I’m spinning my wheels.

I feel tired too.

December was a triumph.  January, not so much.  Burned out, I think.  Thing #1 tells me that Santa spends January having a nice long nap.

Wish I could.  Stupid mythological figures with their adequate sleep and their platoons of midget helpers.

I got through November with my sanity intact.  January, however, is proving a tough nut to crack.  Has it really only been a week?  Feels much longer.


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