Posted by: Hannah | 02/01/2011

the February project

Here we go… February. Traditionally a hard month for me. November is pretty brutal, but at least I’ve got Christmas to look forward to, and this year anyway the weather was so pleasant it was hard to get in a funk. February, though? All you’ve got coming once you get through it is bloody March. This year I’ve got the added complications of Thing #1 having a two week (!!) school break thanks to the Canada Games being here, and a new full-time kid starting mid-month.

I’m worried. The last couple of weeks I’ve been sliding into a deeper shade of blue, and I don’t want February to become a hole that it takes me months to get out of.

So – a plan of action. A manifesto, if you like. A list of things that I will get accomplished in February, in order to help the days pass faster. And I’m posting it here, to keep me honest.

  1. learn to make risotto
  2. read the entire instruction manual for my new camera
  3. buy ice skates for myself and Thing #1 – and then use them
  4. take the boys to visit their granddad
  5. finally go shopping, replace my too-big bathing suit, and get at least three nice shirts / sweaters
  6. go through all my digital pictures – 5.5 years’ worth – chose the ones to print, archive the rest sensibly
  7. use my Wii Fit for 30 minutes every day
  8. go out once a week, even if I have to go alone & just have coffee and a quiet read somewhere

There. That ought to do it. Every single thing on that list is something I’ve been meaning to do for some time… but I never make time to do them. It’ll take some heavy organizing, and spreading out the chores over the week more than I have been doing to leave the weekends free, but so be it. I’m tired of waiting for “things to quiet down a little” before I do anything for myself.

Let the February project commence!



  1. A commendable list indeed, although cut yourself some slack if you can’t get through it all (especially that photo sorting business). I find that kind of work mind-numbing.

    The great thing about making risotto is that many of the recipes call for white wine. This means, of course, having to finish the bottle once the quarter cup has been vigorously stirred in.

    As for reading the camera manual, I’ve been doing it by reading a section at a time and then playing for a day or so with what I learned in that section. It makes it less overwhelming.

    Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

  2. Wow, girl, that is totally going for it. It does seem very gung-ho to me, but mostly do-able, although there is absolutely no way I could do 5.5 years’s worth of photo editing in 1 year let alone 1 month!

    Sue’s suggestions are great. 🙂

  3. Oh- I meant to mention this to you earlier- but I didn’t (good story eh?) You need to check this out:

    She’s an awesome photographer and she’s offering a free (key word) photo class for the month of Feb. Sign up- I don’t think it’s too late. She emails & suggests photo prompts every day.

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