Posted by: Hannah | 03/01/2011

how I spend my days

The dayhome.

Cast of Characters

Frazzled Adult (FA) – Identified by same pair of jeans, day in and day out (now with a hole in the right knee!); stained t-shirts; too-large hooded sweatshirt (pockets are stuffed with Kleenex both fresh & used); thermal coffee mug.

Crown Prince (CP) – Son of FA. Age, nearly 3. Thumb firmly in mouth. Attitude firmly in hand. Bodily functions firmly in diapers because peeing in the toilet is for quitters & communists.

Spoiled Brat (SB) – Age, 3.5. Raised in what passes for an “attachment parenting” environment, but really is just over-indulgent child-focused single-child home. Identified by whining tone of voice & need to bring a different random toy each day which then gets lost in the playroom, causing meltdowns.

The Quiet One (Q) – Age, 2 and a bit. Identified by luscious blond boy-band curls and wide, staring eyes. Speaks without moving his mouth. Will become a ventriloquist someday.

Hooligan (H) – Age, 16 months. Niece of FA. Walking talking screaming menace to dogs, cats, and society. Identified by sound rather than sight, as is never quiet.

Pudding-Pop (PP) – Age, 9 months. Just learning to crawl forwards. Smiley, pleasant, generally the easiest child of the bunch.

The Duke of Cool (DC) – Age, 5 years. Son of FA. In school most of the day, the Duke of Cool appears every afternoon at 3 to be worshiped by his adoring subjects.


I intend to try and keep track of some of the more interesting stories with this cast of characters, at least until my creative juices get going again and I feel like writing once more. I just never seem to have the energy anymore. Once I’ve posted my picture for the week on a photo project I’m doing (not anonymous so no, I can’t link to it here) I find I’m pretty well tapped out – because part of being in the group is agreeing to comment on a minimum number of the other pictures posted. Since I’m not a photographer my comments tend to run as follows:

*wee joke or self-deprecating comment* *if I like or do not like the picture* *statement agreeing with an earlier comment that explains – even to me*

And then, I’m spent. Just done.

Plus my grandad is very ill and it’s a horrible story that I’m just not ready to write down yet… I may have some news to share but it’s not the right time yet… our minivan is leaking… the usual stuff but it’s all getting in the way of me writing anything…




  1. […] recent weeks I’ve been having issues with one of the kids in my dayhome, The Quiet One. I know, seems odd that the quiet one would be the one causing me the most worry, but it’s […]

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