Posted by: Hannah | 04/01/2011

my mirror

I’m hiding in the corner with the laptop today, because Thing #1 is home from school, and he’s attempting to whip the playroom into shape. Which entails a lot of yelling. I don’t know how his teacher can stand it, some days. That boy is LOUD.

I think his primary concern is that there need to be Rules. Games need Rules. Even pretending to be small contractors specializing in residential repair & renovation can’t just happen organically – heavens no. Everyone’s roles must be clearly defined. Tools must be assigned by the boss (guess who the boss is). He comes home from school sometimes telling me that he & his best friend M. had another “big fight” about which game they would play, how they would play it, who would be the bad guy this time, etc. etc.

He reminds me so much of me it hurts. It takes a lot of willpower not to step in. I do try to take him aside and explain that bossing people around is not nice. That if he gets a reputation for being bossy it’ll follow him around for years. That you draw more flies with honey than with vinegar.

But I know there is a limit to how many times I can tell him, because there are some things you need to learn by yourself.


This weekend we’re going on a roadtrip, just me and my boy. Only an overnight, but out of province and involving a hotel. At nearly six, he’s good company on the road (as long as he’s had some Gravol first) and I’m looking forward to getting some one-on-one time with him.

Today I went through six years of digital photos and picked out 40 to print. He’s the “Precious Primary” in school this week, which means I need to send five prints of him at different ages. Scanning through hundreds of pictures from the day he was born up ’til yesterday was unsettling – like watching one of those old Disney time-lapse nature films. He’s sprouting before my eyes, my boy. The driver’s license/trashy girlfriends/we-need-to-have-a-talk-about-drugs years don’t seem all that far away anymore.

I’m so aware that I need to make an impression on him now, so we survive those difficult years between 10 and 20 mostly intact.




  1. it seems so sudden, so all of a sudden. mine isn’t loud but constant, so in need of my constant attentiveness, so much to share that i could hide under the bed except it’s a mattress on the floor. and yet i look and his baby belly is gone and this boy is there and he’s bossy and we never even get to the playing for all the setting up. and he too is like me and i want to take in my arms and rock him and make up for it all, for all that has not even happened yet.

    have a great drive. i’ll email you our info. 🙂

  2. Maybe read him Harriet The Spy :-p Now THERE’S a kid who’s all about rules!

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