Posted by: Hannah | 05/03/2011

why politics makes me stabby, part 2

Last night, 39% of Canadians did not vote.

Of the ones who did, 60% voted for centre-left parties.

Because the Conservative vote was more “efficient”, and because we labour under a first-past-the-post electoral system, we instead ended up with the largest right-wing majority government in decades.



  1. We have too many left wing parties splitting the votes. Fringe parties like the Greens and the Marijuana party didn’t help, but the NDP & the Liberals are pretty much the same party now. Personally I didn’t know which one to vote for in my riding — I know others felt the same way. Lefties need to get their act together and merge, it worked for Reform and PCs.

    Ah. Thanks for letting me get that out. Now I can stop boring my husband w/ variations on this rant.

  2. But… at least we don’t have to vote again next year!

  3. The bloc is gone. yay. We don’t vote for awhile. Yay.

    But what could that 40% have done for us? That always makes me angry.

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