Posted by: Hannah | 05/28/2011

the weekend

When you are pregnant with your third child (and you look after kids for a living) people are not typically as congratulatory as they were when you got pregnant the first time, or even the second time. For a fleeting second, everyone I’ve told in real life (and there aren’t many, yet) get this weird sort of puzzled / worried / bored expression… then they say all the right things.

It’s actually made me less likely to tell people. That’s sad.

I’ve also lost three followers on Twitter since I wrote my last post. I’m guessing they were just spambots, but still. Poor Thing # 3. If this baby is a boy, I suspect I’m going to hear a lot of these back-handed comments. If it’s a girl, betcha anything I’ll hear people saying “oh, you finally got a girl!” as if my two smelly noisy incredible boys aren’t wee persons I feel privileged to know.

Almost makes me want to refuse to tell people the baby’s gender when it’s born. (Not really. I don’t have the English to describe how I feel about that particular issue-of-the-week. Ugh.)

So – all of your wonderful, joyful, genuinely happy messages of congratulations and support meant more to Hubby & I than you all know.

From the bottom of my pudgy, tired, nauseous heart – THANK YOU.



  1. I for one am very happy for you since i know this is a very wanted child. 🙂

  2. Everyone I know who has had more than two children have experienced weird reactions when pregnant with #3. Including the extremely offensive “trying for a boy/girl”? Ugh.

  3. I’m sorry people are making you feel judged. I think anyone who is less than enthused about your announcement is dealing with their own personal issues. Also they are jealous that you and your husband still have sex after all these years together. That’s pretty amazing to a lot of my married friends.

    As to that issue-of-the-week-hoopla, all I can think is “What a bunch of fuckwits. That child is a person, not a sociology term paper. Grow up.”

  4. Are you kidding? I”m thrilled. I strongly believe that intelligent people should breed as much as possible, because the twits are all doing it like rabbits.

  5. I must admit that I’ve tended to feel a little jealous when hearing that someone is pregnant with a third child!

    (Also, congratulations!)

  6. xox baby, I’m envious (in a healthy way!) and so very happy for you….as Thor said…this is a VERY wanted child. And Nan’s comment made me laugh out loud!

  7. I’ve heard something similar from friends of mine too. It seems having a third baby doesn’t result in as much congratulations as the first couple. I personally think that having a new set of brand new baby toes to kiss is always something to celebrate.

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