Posted by: Hannah | 06/03/2011

Friday chuckle

Sometimes, Thing # 2 pronounces “th” as “f”. So if anyone asks him how old he is, he carefully holds up three fingers and says “I’m dis many! I’m free!” It’s very cute. It also gives rise to confusion, as witnessed by this conversation between him & hubby last Friday:

H – It’s Friday night and I’m free!

T – No daddy, you’re firty-seven. I’M free. (holding up three fingers)

H – Well yes, you are three. I am free. They’re different words.

T – No daddy, you’re not free, I’M FREE!! (getting agitated, holding up three fingers)

Rinse, repeat. Until both hubby & I collapsed in giggles and Thing # 2, getting bored with it all, said “Thing # 1 is FIVE and I am FREE. I want to watch cartoons.”




  1. Hahha That’s funny.
    My nephew’s name is Percy. His older sister had trouble saying his name when she was younger and called him Perpy. When people would ask her his name she would proudly say Perpy. If you repeated this she would get angry and say No! His name isn’t Perpy, it’s Perpy!

  2. It’s nice when the kids pull out the cute.

  3. I can personally attest to the winsome nature of Thing 2’s cuteness.

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