Posted by: Hannah | 06/17/2011

well, ain’t that a kick in the head

So, New Kid? The one that I’ve bored myself (and all of you) trying to figure out? The one that I’ve tied myself and my family into knots trying to socialize? The one that has disrupted everything, driven me crazy, made my youngest son so nuts that he’s starting having nightmares, and made me almost fire him from sheer annoyance?

Is leaving in two weeks because his parents have decided it is “less inconvenient” to have his grandmother move in with them full time to look after him.

This definitely falls under the heading of “blessing in disguise”, because he really is just a rotten, ill-behaved child that no one likes, but it also falls under the heading of “are you fucking kidding me” because of everything we all went through to try and make it work.

So, the baby I used to have is coming back, starting next week, because his due-any-day-now mom is having second thoughts about her ability to manage two of them at once, and likes him to come here. By the time my baby arrives in January, he will be 18 months old and a full-fledged toddler, which will give me the following age range:

  • newborn (but remember, hubby will be home for 3 months)
  • 18 month old
  • 2 year old
  • 3 year old
  • almost 4 year old
  • 4.5 year old

I think that’s a good spread. And frankly at this point (after yet another pause to break up yet another fight involving New Kid, god save us all) it seems infinitely preferable to trying to deal with that little monster while breastfeeding.

That said, I can’t believe his parents are copping out and keeping him home without any other kids around, knowing what they know about how far he needs to go before he can function in a group. I feel like finding out who his grade primary teacher will be so I can send her a bottle of tequila.

She’s going to need it.




  1. I know this is not really an acceptable thing to say, but sometimes I just hate some kids. That’s mean! I should be an adult! But there’s this little f***er at my sons’ school who was like that. He just couldn’t function in a group. AND HE IS STILL LIKE THAT AND HE IS SEVEN. He’s just a really jerky kid.

    Ugh, I feel for you but at least he will be gone, gone, gone. So it’s definitely a blessing.

    • Yes, exactly! I feel terrible saying it but he is just. not. likeable, even when he’s being good. I won’t miss him. The more time that passes the happier I am (now I’m trying to figure out how to get them to pull him out immediately instead of two weeks from now).

  2. Mine stayed home with grandpa for years and weren’t little dictators…it really is all about the parenting isn’t it?

    And I hate most kids, including my own. They’re cute so I won’t eat them. (Esp Viv-this morning she told me “I’m related to Lady Gaga aren’t I…since we both like being weird.” :p

  3. Let’s hope it’s maternal grandmother, and not his father’s mother.

    I agree: some kids are shits. One of the reasons we homeschool is our sons’ peer group is full of assholes.

    • Mercifully, it is the maternal grandmother. Today the kid’s mother said to me when she picked him up that if he’d been her first child, she probably wouldn’t have had another one. What on earth do you say to that kind of statement? Although I knew what she meant. He is just high-maintenance.

  4. It’s hard to say what causes/cures that kind of incipient sociopathy – but if I were the parents, I’d be inclined to keep him home too – just give him a bit of a re-set and hopefully a chance to mature a bit so that when he returns to a social setting he can hopefully develop new habits rather than having to break his existing ones.

  5. Yeah, well, that’s how he ended up being this way in the first place – his parents think his emotions are more important than other peoples’…

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