Posted by: Hannah | 06/23/2011

one more illusion shattered

Today the internets are abuzz with the results of a long-term study. One which found that the worst indulgence in terms of slow, constant weight gain is… potato chips.

Some women love chocolate. Some women love pie, or cake, or ice cream.

I love chips. LOVE CHIPS. They are salty. They are fatty. I don’t have a sweet tooth so I don’t care that they aren’t sugary; when I’ve got that hole nothing but junk food will fill, what I want are chips. Preferably flavoured ones. Like my all-time bestest “I’ve got to die from something” flavour, the marvelous and always-awesome Lay’s Ruffles Sour Cream & Bacon chips.

Of course I knew chips were bad for me. I’m not completely stupid. But the worst thing ever? And the only way to make them even worse is to eat them in front of the TV, and then not get enough sleep that night? So, when I stay up late watching True Blood reruns while eating chips, and then I’m up half the night getting drinks of water and peeing constantly because of the all the salt I just ate, you mean I’m actually gaining weight in measurable amounts as I sit there???!?!?

I feel like I felt when my mom finally confessed that there was no Santa Claus.




  1. Chips are the best.

  2. The chips are a monster, man. For me, nacho cheese flavored Doritos get me every time.

    Now that we’ve got the endorsements out of the way, how about some free sh*t?

    • Oh, if only someone would send me some free shit… hey, Frito-Lay, you listening?

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