Posted by: Hannah | 07/21/2011

oh the noise noise noise noise!

Some people seem to think that daycare providers have a higher tolerance for noise than the average person. And I think that is probably true. I can function with an incredible level of background noise, and I don’t often shush anyone (unless it’s naptime). Kids like to make noise and if the decibel level is a direct result of my six charges having fun, well, I have learned to block it out.

Most of the time.

There are certain sounds though that go through me like a hot knife through butter. The worst are the high-pitched ones. I can handle yelling, shouting, loud talking, singing one line of a song over and over again (and out of tune!) but high pitched noises break my brain.

The four-year-old has an incredible repertoire of high-pitched noises. One is a laser gun; it’s eerily accurate, but every time he does it the dog whimpers, the cats run & hide, and blood comes out of my ears.* He also treats us to his baby dinosaur, which sounds like a newborn kitten caught in a leg-hold trap; his baby jaguar (thanks Diego), which sounds like his baby dinosaur; and his human baby, which sounds like the last two except that is squeak/wails “mommy daddy” over and over and over again, ad infinitum, amen.

So there’s that, today.

Then, The Baby has decided that when he is happy, he will make the same sound that he makes when he is upset. It’s a monotonous, repetitive, moaning/whining/hoarse-throated grunting noise. Think a wounded wild boar, possibly. I’m thrilled that he’s been so happy all week, but I wish he would make a different sound to indicate it. Laughing? Giggling? Chortling? I know some babies make delightful noises when they are happy. I have seen these wonder-babies on YouTube. If I recorded this kid in full flight of joy and put him on YouTube, the Vatican would order an exorcism.

Add to that the hyper talk-shouting that is a one-week-away-from-his-6th-birthday lad, my other son’s constant I’m-three-and-I’m hating-it tantrums, and my niece’s piercing shrieks… put it this way. If there was some way to do this job safely and wear earplugs, I would totally be doing it right now.

So this morning we went for our first walk at 9AM. I made them walk a long long way. Outdoors, their current favourite noises are swallowed up by the air. Plus lots of exercise in the morning makes for easier & better naps later on. After walkies I made them ride their tricycles. And when they got tired of that I made them run around the yard. Lunch, then more running around the yard, then storytime and finally, half of them are asleep and another one is drowsily finishing his afternoon snack in preparation for his nap, too.

My ears are actually ringing a little bit with phantom sounds.

One more day. ONE MORE DAY, and then vacation for ten days, and even though we are travelling away from the lovely east coast with its cooling sea breezes and foggy nights to head into the “heat dome” of central Canada, I can hardly wait. Can the noise of Canada’s largest city even begin to compare to the sound of six children playing baby dinosaurs?

Somehow, I doubt it.

*One of these may be a slight exaggeration.




  1. Can I just say that if my kids were still young, I’d hire you in a HEARTBEAT to watch them.

  2. Babby does this high pitched screech that just drives a nail right through your skull. Drives me CRAZY.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Aww, Slouchy, thank you. 🙂

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