Posted by: Hannah | 08/09/2011

TV is bad for me

Finally, last night, while watching Hell’s Kitchen, I felt the baby move. For the first time since before we went on vacation. I don’t mind telling you all that I was really, really working myself into a fine pitch of worrying. Then I had nightmares in which something was wrong with the baby (including one where a mysterious robed priestess told me the baby was possessed by a demon. Perhaps pregnant women shouldn’t watch True Blood?) And then I’d wake up and wait for movement… and wait… and wait… and fall asleep waiting. And have another nightmare.

Perhaps until the baby arrives safe and sound, I should turn off the cable?



  1. HAH. That demon baby in True Blood would not help. Nope, wouldn’t help at all.

  2. Definitely turn it off if “Rosemary’s Baby” comes on.

    And don’t read The Midwich Cuckoos, either.

  3. The anxious subconscious of a pregnant woman probably doesn’t need the help of television to fill itself with nightmares… which is to say, I doubt it matters whether you watch or not!

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