Posted by: Hannah | 09/25/2011


Ranty-rant for the day: just once I’d like to be able to sign my 6 year old up for something that would give me an hour of peace & quiet, rather than enforced facilitator of fun for other people’s children.

This summer, we put Thing #1 in baseball. And it was great – except that hubby ended up coaching (some weeks he was the only coach who showed up!) and I ended up being official photographer, brat wrangler, and resident answerer of unanswerable questions. After two solid months of 95% of the parents lounging on the sidelines while we busted hump, we’re both burned out.

So we signed Thing #1 up for Beavers. And hey, guess what! Once they cashed our cheque, then we found out that we can’t drop him off for the hour a week we were counting on; instead, “we highly encourage all parents to stay throughout the meeting and watch and quite possibly interact with the workings of each meeting. Due to responsibility issues we ask that parents avoid dropping children off and leaving”. ACK.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Thing #2 was invited to a birthday party today – a birthday party for 3 year old twins, wherein the parents had NO ACTIVITIES PLANNED. They just put two dozen preschoolers in a gym with a bunch of soccer balls and when they went all Lord of the Flies on each other 20 minutes into a 2 hour party guess who ended up being all Miss Fran from Romper Room and organizing some games? DON’T GUESS THE PARENTS. YOU WOULD BE GUESSING WRONG.

Now, I know that my essential helper-monkey tendencies are contributing to this problem, because I seem to be incapable of sitting on the sidelines while things melt down. I hate to see children having a shitty time while parents either fuck with their iPhones, or talk about work, or stare off into space. So I always end up pitching in, and the other parents are probably laughing at me behind their hands. I don’t know.

Going on the list for my New Year’s resolutions? Learning to say NO. Because clearly, I have a big problem with it.



  1. “…they went all Lord of the Flies on each other 20 minutes into a 2 hour party” This made me laugh out loud.

    I don’t think those other parents are laughing at you, they’re probably too self absorbed to even notice.

  2. No activities planned AT ALL? Bah, some people are just deadbeats. I’m all for the “drop and go”. Although, we just had Jake’s party today (at the gymnastics centre) and one dad stayed and helped out the instructor. I was a bit startled, but very pleased – he actually seemed to REALLY enjoy it.

    Since when are parents supposed to stay for things like Beavers? That is so weird.

  3. Its the curse of being intelligent and sensitive in a world of idiotic twit-monkeys.

  4. Who wants parents to stay at a Beavers meeting? They’d just get in the way, clutter things up, and everyone knows kids behave worse when parents are around to show off to/play up for. (My brother’s a Beaver leader. He goes well out of his way to discourage particular parents from hanging around.)

    And yes, learning to say no will de-stress your life no end. It’ll get easier as your kids get older and you don’t have to worry about their safety… but there’ll always be opportunities for keeners to jump in their and pick up the deadbeats’ slack. Break that cycle now! 🙂

  5. First birthday parties, then little league, now Beavers? My gawd, is school the only place where kids are allowed to go without their parents anymore? Hard to develop independence and social skills with Mommy and/or Daddy hanging around all the time. Pretty pitiful situation, if you ask me.

  6. I don’t understand the parents staying thing in any context. I invite kids over to hang with my kids, I do not WANT other parents around. I tell them, flee! enjoy a few quiet hours! That’s what playdates are for!

    And Beavers, seriously? That’s fucking weird. I expect to be able to drop and run with stuff like that. Duly noted-not signing kids up for THAT.

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