Posted by: Hannah | 10/08/2011

wool or copper

Tomorrow is our seventh wedding anniversary. According to the internets, the traditional gift items for this year are wool or copper. (The same list said that the ‘modern’ idea is a desk set. Um. Honey, don’t get me a desk set. There is never a wedding anniversary where a desk set is an ideal gift choice.)

Today we celebrated by realizing that we had, with all the best intentions, thawed the Thanksgiving turkey we bought too soon, and thus brewed a hearty case of horrible, gut-clenching smell and salmonella for the holiday. We conducted the traditional Chucking of the $62 Organic Free-Range Bird Into the Compost Bin as a way to demonstrate how lucky we are to be hipster-wannabe affluent Westerners who can not only throw out a 15lb bird, but then defrost the 10lb spare (!) we had in the deep freeze. And then we gave thanks that after seven years, we are still best friends and can get through something like accidentally rotting a turkey that’s meant to feed 11 adults without casting blame, rolling our eyes, or even raising our voices slightly.

In response to Bon’s recent post about partnership I said that what I looked for in a partner was someone who loved and supported me even when I take off all the masks and roles that I run through in an average day. The Patient Caregiver persona. The Organizer. The Mom Who Helps With Homework. The Chef. The Still Trying to be Sexy Even While Pregnant. Sometimes I need to let all of that fall and be lonely, or bitter, or sad, or silly. He’s there for all of it, with comfort when it’s needed, or advice when I ask for it, and love no matter what. And that’s what’s most important.

So babe, happy anniversary. Sorry all I got you was a rotten turkey with a side order of shame and annoyance.

You make my heart sing. I love you.



  1. Aww! Happy Anniversary! And I’m glad you had a spare turkey!

  2. Happy Anniversary! This is a very romantic post. Definitely more romantic than a desk set. S

    orry to hear about the bird. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. …and just think! next year’s gift can’t help but be better than a rotten turkey!

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