Posted by: Hannah | 10/20/2011

ooh la la

Another new kid started this week – and with that, I’m full up. I could in theory recruit another part-timer to fill in some of the gaps, but that would leave no flexibility at all for my current full-timers. Not to mention I just don’t feel like transitioning any more new kids between now and baby time. Christmas is coming, I’m getting bigger every day, I’ve got one kid here starting potty training and another one having lots of sad times because of troubles at home… it’s just not a good time to bring in yet another new face.

Anyway! the new kid is the same age as my Ron – only two months younger. I shall call her Marie, I think. She’s with me three days a week and in a French Immersion preschool the other two, so that seems apropos. I was a little (OK, a lot) nervous about taking another older kid. The last time I did that it was such an unqualified disaster that I was afraid of what introducing another three year old might mean. But so far, so good. She’s a funny little thing – I have never, ever seen such a routine-oriented kid. I learned very quickly to give her ten minutes’ notice for anything we want to do – snack, lunch, cleaning up, craft time, whatever – because she does not respond well to my usual clapping hands and cheerful “OK, now we’re going to do something else!”  But she’s very verbal, very creative, and certainly seems to like it here.

One side effect of the French Immersion preschool – she keeps asking me the French words for things. Now, despite coming up through the Canadian educational system and taking French every year except grade twelve, I do not parlez francais. Like, at all. I can understand it kind of if the person is speaking VERY slowly (and it helps if the subject is school, since so much of the damn vocabulary we learned seemed to be centered around school supplies) but I can’t speak it, my accent is pretty bad, and the feminine / masculine nouns thing messes me up. So I called on bilingual hubby a few times yesterday for translation services (quick! what is the French word for ghost? and bat? and pumpkin?), and encouraged Marie to ask her teacher for some Hallowe’en words that she can share with us tomorrow.

So – a success, I think. We’ll see. In other week I may be singing a different tune but for now, things feel pretty comfortable.



  1. I speak French, but only in the present tense, and with a very thick Albertan accent. But if you want me to tell Guy and Sylvan that we go to the discotheque — I’m your gal!

  2. I think realizing sometimes that something is “enough” is healthy. It’s not always the MOST lucrative…but it’s enough and sometimes that is good for one’s sanity. Seems to be a good decision.

    Felix very much needs warnings about stuff….figured that out through trial and error. At 3.5 he is *learning* to go with the flow….but still hesitant to it, for the most part. But if he is warned, he’s a brilliantly easy little fellow. Go figure!

    PS – tweet me ANY translation request, anytime!
    PPS – glad to see a new post..:*) xo

  3. Sounds like keeping Babblefish at the ready might be handy!

    I was one of those needs-warning kids. I am constantly surprised by Owl’s COMPLETE indifference to changes of routine.

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