Posted by: Hannah | 10/24/2011

close call

I started writing a grumpy growly post about yesterday’s car accident, because this morning I was still staring down the barrel of dealing with insurance adjusters, and being without transportation for the dayhome, and my back hurt and I was tired and just… gaaa enough.

But then I thought how stupid all that was, because it’s surface stuff and things could have been so much worse. The children could have been injured. I could have gone into labour at 29 weeks. The wee small car in front of us that our minivan got shoved into could have been a large unyielding transport truck.

Anything could have happened. Everything often does.

So, I’ll just say this (for those of you not on Twitter or Facebook with me): my family and I were rear-ended yesterday while stopped for construction on the Trans-Canada highway. Hubby and I have some neck and back pain, and are moving a little slower today. The kids are fine and sleeping tonight tucked in with their new “bearamedics”, teddy bears lovingly hand-knit by members of the local Fire Department Ladies’ Auxiliary and given to first responders to pass on to children involved in accidents or other trauma. The baby is moving and kicking, and in the emergency room we got to see a tiny hand waving as the little heart beat strongly.

We’re OK. Everything else is just stuff, noise, and distraction.



  1. Hannah, That was so beautifully written. It’s easy to sometimes overlook our blessings (obviously, our health is number one)!

  2. Glad all five of you are safe.

    This will make a great entry (in 11 weeks) into Baby Shatner‘s Baby’s First Year memory book.

  3. Glad to hear that none of you were seriously hurt, that is the most important thing.

  4. Oh, Hannah I’ve not been on Twitter or Fb, so I missed this entirely. So glad, though, to hear you’re okay. I was rear-ended when pregnant with TG and it gave me quite a fright. The image of the boys curled up with their bearamedics is sweet – what a thoughtful gesture.

  5. So glad you’re all well!

  6. Living in Vancouver, car accidents are a constant looming threat. I’m always happy to hear that someone has come out of one intact. I’m glad you’re all ok.

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