Posted by: Hannah | 11/05/2011

name that odour

Day five and I have no idea what to write about.

Apparently I’m not alone because even the NaBloPoMo folks haven’t put up a writing prompt for November 5th. (Not that their prompts are much good. Yesterday’s was “do you prefer writing with a computer or a pen?”)

Computer. Next.

All of my days are busy, but today was especially so. With my long workdays and our many other commitments (tae kwon do, hubby’s weekly game night, school advisory council, etc etc) our Saturdays are getting crowded with All The Things. Today we got up nice and early and headed out to:

  • the farmer’s market
  • swimming lessons
  • haircuts for the menfolk
  • lunch
  • groceries
Which meant we finally staggered in the door a mere six hours after we’d left, weighed down with groceries and ready for a break.
Unfortunately being out in the fresh cold air re-sensitized my nose to the smells of a house where a bath-phobic labrador retriever lives and the windows have been closed for two weeks. You know that moment where you realize your house smells… just plain funky, and you’ve had clients & people in and out, and you didn’t smell it because you’ve been inside the four walls too much, and EWWWW? Yeah, that moment. UGH.

So I started cleaning. I emptied out the fridge and cringed briefly at how many containers with blobby leftovers had turned to blue hairy science experiments. I hauled out the crisper drawers, dumped their soupy, sludgy contents directly into the compost, and soaked them in hot water and vinegar. I briefly contemplated tackling the army of condiments (do I really need four different kinds of mustard?) but decided not to go too far with supper looming.

Made supper (ham and split pea soup. It was delicious. Naturally the kids were unimpressed.) Read two chapters of On the Banks of Plum Creek and put the boys to bed. Sat down, checked email, checked Twitter, and then realized I had only three hours left to write a blog post.

And here we are. Not much fun to write, probably boring to read. But done! Can I just say that those of you tackling NoNoWriMo or whatever the heck the 50,000 words in a month challenge is called… you guys are SUPERHEROES. I cannot even imagine what a supreme effort of will that must take.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow something interesting will happen. Or I’ll get inspired. Or something.



  1. No worries – my post for today was all about how cool it is to NOT be throwing up. And yes, I have had that moment. And you are a hero for cleaning out a fridge while pregnant. And that prompt was indeed lame.

  2. Is it weird that I even find your posts about cleaning out the fridge entertaining to read?

  3. A) I know exactly what you mean about writer’s block. By the time I thought up a topic it was SO late in the day, I had to keep the Boy up a little longer at bed time, just so I could finish it. I told him, “All day, Mummy’s been doing things for everyone else, but right now she’s gotta do this one thing for her! She made a promise to herself, and she’s not going to crap out on day 5!” It doesn’t bode well for the rest of the 25 days, does it?

    B) My house smells like cat pee every time I come in from outside. To the extent that I will start trying to find the source of the cat pee, because I think they must have peed somewhere that wasn’t their littlerbox. Then I start to not notice it anymore, and then I realize it just smells like cat pee ALL THE TIME, and we’ve all just gotten used to it. The litter box is in the basement.-_-

    C) Hooray, day 5 post completed! 😀

    • The weekends are going to be the hardest, I can tell. And I know there are people who write multiple posts at a time and save them, but I’ve never been able to do that. (Seriously, 25 more days? Oh dear oh dear…) I’m glad I’m not the only one with a mysteriously smelly house. You aren’t supposed to bath Labs more than once a month or so, because the soap can irritate their skin blah blah blah. BUT HE SMELLS SO BAD. And the cat sleeps in his bed now so she smells like dog, too… At least the fridge doesn’t smell like garbage when I open it anymore. That’s something.

  4. You mean you didn’t feel inspired to write a giant post on the joy of writing on a computer? 🙂 I can rarely write from prompts. Not sure how others can do it.

    We had pea soup too! My kids didn’t eat it either!

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