Posted by: Hannah | 11/07/2011

to know me is to love me

Day seven! One week down, three to go. I could write a post today about Harry, and how when he comes from school he just disrupts everything because he wants to play with the littles but he can’t ever let them direct the play. And how I just sent him to his room with the totally pointless and probably unfair admonishment to “act his age” because I’m pretty sure being an insufferable bossy-boots is acting his age. And how I don’t feel like a good mom at this exact moment.

But! I don’t want to belabour that right now. So instead I’m going to cheat a bit and do a meme I found on Nicole’s blog this afternoon, because it’s getting late and I’ve got to post something.

What keeps you up at night?

Hubby’s snoring. When my feet are cold. Worrying about money. Worrying about the kids. Worrying about the baby. Lately, pain in my hips & pelvic region if in my sleep I forget and try to roll onto my side. Hello, side-sleeping. I miss you so much.

Do you collect anything?

China teacups. I had a few anyway because there is something so pleasing about a proper bone-china teacup. The shape, the colours, the overly-complicated designs – the best ones have little designs inside the cup too, and there is something so whimsical and perfect about china teacups. They are a total frivolity. They make the world more beautiful. Tea from a china cup must be savoured; consumed slowly and with great regard for the tea and the moment. They make me happy. I have a cabinet full of my little collection and whenever I see them at antique sales I always browse through. I don’t know anything about their monetary worth; I only buy ones that please me on some level. I have no idea if any cup in my collection has intrinsic value; I just know that I love each one, and bring them out when I really need a pick me up or want to celebrate something.

Are you addicted to Angry Birds?

I have never played Angry Birds. My phone is the cheapest, simplest flip-phone that tiny amounts of money can buy. I had a Blackberry for a while; I never played games on it. I’m a luddite, I guess (see the teacups!) – but to me a phone is just a phone. For the making & receiving of calls. Maybe texts. But that’s it.

What’s your idea of a perfect evening?

It depends. If I’m alone, I love junky TV, a lively Twitter feed, a bottle of white wine, and a ball of Dragon’s Breath blue cheese from That Dutchman’s Farm. Or maybe a beer and some solomon gundy (pickled herring. It’s an acquired taste but a local treat that I love).

If I’m with hubby and the kids are taken care of, we love to try a new restaurant, then catch a movie.

Are you looking forward to winter?

Here’s the thing – if winter brings actual honest-to-god winter weather, with snow and stuff, I actually don’t mind it. There is something very satisfying about hunkering down as a storm howls outside. If winter is damp and cold, but everything’s wet and icy and shitty most of the time, then no, I’m not looking forward to winter. This particular winter yes, I’m excited, because winter = new baby. I love the whole Christmas season, but once the tree is down & the decorations are put away I feel bereft and like spring will never come (which is probably why I leave them up as long as I can).

If you decide to do this meme, leave a link in the comments. I’d love to hear what other people have to say.



  1. You’re the only other person I know who has a very basic cell- used just for making and receiving calls. It’s refreshing. I like it.

    • If you read Nicole’s blog that I stole this meme from, you’ll see that she also only has an ancient flip phone. That makes three of us!

  2. Crappy ancient cellphone users unite!

    I love that you collect teacups!

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  4. Day 8 complete, thanks to this meme!

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