Posted by: Hannah | 11/21/2011

over-the-top displays of affection

Day 21. I missed one day of posting here so far, although I did write an extra post last week – and it’s going up today at Beck’s! you should read it! and print it off and give it to your spouse because there are going to be some great gift ideas! – so I have actually written 20 posts in 20 days. I count it as a “win”.

However, I am running out of inspiration again. I’m enjoying the whole exercise because I feel like I’m rediscovering my funny… I always used to write posts with the goal of making people laugh (and also making the little trivial things that annoy me amusing rather than crazy-making). It was hard to get back to that but I think I have, and I feel better for it.

But! Topics! Out of topics. So I asked Hubs to give me some ideas.

He pointed out that after my post about a whole bunch of men that bear no resemblance to him whatsoever but apparently kindle my burnin’ loins he was perhaps owed an investigative series of posts on just how awesome he is.

And so, I give you my Hubs, who still is and always shall be tops on my list of sexiest men and the only guy for me (unless Idris Elba shows up on my doorstep. I am married, honey, not dead).

voluntarily spending his Saturday picking apples with the kids

He looks after the boys like a champ. The dayhome kids LOVE him. He truly appreciates my cooking. He’s funny. He’s the smartest person I know. He understands my obsession with Gordon Ramsay. He scored in the “superior” category according to Dr. Crane’s marital compatibility test.

He kisses me like he really wants to, every single morning before he goes to work. He thanks me for making dinner. He says I’m the best mother he knows. He gives me foot rubs when I ask even though he thinks feet are gross.

He shooed me out the door this weekend for two nights to play with my friends. He may not have come to the Christmas parade last night, but he had grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate waiting when we got home. And he cooked for the grown-ups, too. And drove my sister home afterwards even though it was late. This is the kind of thing he does. He is kind, and generous, and actually likes to do things for people.

He sings to the boys, wraps them up in blankets and cuddles them when they’re sleepy, and rents movies he knows they’ll like. He pretends Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny are real even though he thinks the whole thing is kind of silly.

He loves to travel with the whole family. He is frugal without being cheap. He likes to spoil the boys sometimes but is a good provider and agrees that family is more important than money.

Except for the whole “enjoys home repair” thing – because he really doesn’t – he’s a good man. And I love him.


There you go, honey. Hope that helps. 🙂



  1. Where can I get one?! 😀

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