Posted by: Hannah | 11/29/2011

the plague

You can tell it’s winter, because just like that everyone in the dayhome has a runny nose.

Ron is adding to fun by having a horrible hacking cough. He has also forgotten last winter’s rules about coughing into his sleeve. And he’s a close talker. And likes to sit sideways in his chair while eating lunch so he can more easily talk to whoever happens to be sitting next to him.

I’m getting the urge to dump a bottle of Purel over my head. Except I’m sure that wouldn’t work. Hard to stay germ-free when little kids are quite literally poking their plague-coated fingers into your mouth all day long.

We’ve gone through an entire box of tissues already today. None of the kids wanted to eat their lunch. Arthur burst into tears when he opened his lunchbag and discovered beans & weiners “AGAIN!” He blames the baby. I promised I’d ask his dad to pack him a sandwich for tomorrow but since he looked like he got run over by a truck when he dropped Arthur off this morning I privately am not holding out much hope.

Arthur has also totally lost interest in crafts, drawing, colouring, puzzles, or Play-Doh – all the quiet things he loved as recently as last week. Also he’s stopped napping. And apparently isn’t sleeping through the night either.

Ron’s been waking me up two to three times a night demanding drinks of water, or his blankets retucked, or his nose wiped.

VQB just peed all over the playroom floor not ten minutes after he’d successfully gone to the potty. Soaked every item of clothing he had. His mom didn’t send extra socks even though we’ve had that discussion a million times because every time he has a pee accident his first reaction is to walk right through the puddle to try and get away from it.

Monkey refused to eat her breakfast.

Pixie has been coming early and leaving late every day. I soon have to start recording pick up and drop off times for her because I’m charging the half-day rate, which is defined as four hours or less. She’s right on the line now. I hate having money talks with the clients.

Harry is supposed to go to a birthday party this weekend and I JUST THIS MINUTE realized I forgot to RSVP. Ron was also invited to a different party which I have no intention of sending him to, but I should have RSVP’d to that one as well. Except I have no idea where I put the invitation.

The van *should* be ready to pick up today but I won’t know for sure until 2PM at the earliest. And they close at 5PM. And I have kids here until 6PM and it’s not like I can turn around something like that on a dime because switching from the rental van requires moving FIVE carseats.

I made it all the way to November 29th before I had to say this, but here it comes…





  1. Ugh. UGH. I feel for you. I also really feel for Arthur. Poor guy.

  2. Well, I can’t really fault VQB for trying to get away from the pee puddle. “Fuck November” made me laugh.

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