Posted by: Hannah | 11/30/2011

at the finish line


Day 30 of NaBloPoMo and I did it! I missed one day but made up for it later. I have never, in my six years of blogging, managed to blog every day for a month.

It’s been a fantastic experience, actually. I find the writing coming more easily. I feel like I found my funny again (it had been missing for quite some time). I am getting more comfortable with my ‘voice’, not to sound pretentious. I will always be a very direct and personal writer, and for years I felt like a failure because I couldn’t effectively write as someone else. I’m getting to be OK with it now, because this whole month has actually been fun. With the necessity of posting every day, any worries I had about the finished product kind of went out the window in the face of “I’ve got half an hour left, I MUST POST SOMETHING”. And some of my favourite posts from this past month were those ones; the ones where I had no time or opportunity for revision and just had to git ‘er done.

I enjoy writing again. This space feels less like a vortex where I put all my whinging and rage, and more like a comfortable place where I hang out with friends. Which is what I always wanted from blogging, anyway.

So thank you all for your patience, and your comments, and your kind words this past month. November is usually a really bad month for me; I eat too much, drink more than usual, start eyeing the cigarette display even though I quit almost eight years ago, cry a lot, hibernate. I call it “Fuckvember” and it has just always been a giant kick in the lady-parts, for as long as I can remember. I dread it. This year, the time seemed to fly by. And in large part I credit daily blogging.


You know what’s scary? On the NaBloPoMo website they’ve now got a prompt that’s all “daily blogging isn’t just for November! Sign up for December, too!! And then January!!! HOORAY!!!!” Um, no. I can’t see me blogging every single day, although I probably will continue to blog a fair bit now that I’m back in the habit.



  1. Congratulations!

  2. Way to go! It’s a huge achievement, and I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Plus, good to hear it did it’s job and got you through November without the usual issues. 🙂

  3. Yay – congratulations!

  4. YOU WERE A SMOKER?!?! For real?

    Congrats on kicking Nablopoglobofomo’s ass. I enjoyed reading!

    • I was a smoker, sadly. I made it all the way to university without ever smoking… my grandfather smoked 2 packs a day and it just grossed me out. But when I hit university, the student lounge still had a smoking section and all the interesting people sat there. Eventually I rationalized it to myself by saying that if I was getting lung damage anyway by breathing in all their second-hand smoke, I might as well get the fun, too.

      What can I say? I was young and dumb.

      But if not for smoking, I never would have met Hubs. It’s true. He was a pretty heavy smoker in those days too and we met in the student lounge. In the smoking section. Because I bummed a smoke. Because I never had any money. He quit the same time I did.

  5. Hey, whaddya know – good thing I wrote my post before reading yours or I would have felt like the ‘November sucks’ post was already taken. Enjoyed taking this journey with you. I never smoked, but I remember very clearly thinking one really bad day this past month “isn’t there some kind of pill I can take to make all of this go away?” Because the one I’m taking is NOT working.

  6. Congratulations! Haven’t commented for a while but just wanted you to know that I looked forward to reading your latest post every morning this past month; you made my November just a little bit brighter. I know you probably won’t be posting every day from now on, but I do hope you post more often.

    BTW, I totally forgot you used to smoke! Even though I knew you during that whole period, it just doesn’t seem like something you’d do.

    • I guess the smoking was out-of-character. But I was SO GOOD AT IT. 😉

  7. I’d love it if you kept posting daily!

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