Posted by: Hannah | 12/19/2011

it’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas


First day of Christmas break for the kids. So Harry is here too. And I love my boy so much but man oh man, excited is not the word. He just started chanting loudly “it’s the 20th, it’s the 20th, OH OH OH OH”. And then he slipped on the floor and bashed his head on the table leg.

No VQB this week. His family is out of town for the holidays. This means we can do more difficult crafts & projects – as I’ve mentioned on here before, he is not good at following even simple directions, which makes structured crafts hard for him (and frustrating for me). Given how many activities I am apparently going to need to keep these little turkeys distracted until Christmas, it’s a good thing that he isn’t here.

(Side note: Did you know that a flying Lego Y-Wing makes the sound “wing wing wing” when it flies? Yeah, neither did I. GAAAAAA.)

The good news is my own Christmas preparation are basically complete. I did all my baking this weekend – sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, an apple pie, and a tomato mince pie (that one’s for me). Gifts are wrapped. Tree’s been up for two weeks thanks to my lovely youngest sister. While there are several decorations that just didn’t go up this year, there are enough to make the house feel festive, so I’m not worrying about it. Cards and packages are sent (although since sending them I’ve received cards from people I forgot, so I should get some more and send out a second round).

Really, this week should be relatively calm, considering.

Note that I said ‘relatively’.

Jeepers, they are playing something wherein everybody piles on top of Harry. Time to take them for a walk. I don’t care how cold it is outside. Clearly, they need to burn off some energy.




  1. My kids are in school until THURSDAY. At first I was not in favour, but now I’m kind of happy about it!

  2. This year I let my son do all of the decorating – including the tree. Isn’t it fantastic having a child old enough to do the decorating? I love it.

    Hope the walk worked for you.

  3. Since we took a week off earlier this month, my boys are still doing lessons. Because I’m evil. Want to share any of those craft projects? Please.

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