Posted by: Hannah | 12/25/2011

Lego’s newest shareholder

Everyone’s well wishes must have worked, because Harry’s digestive upsets cleared up in the early afternoon, and he was able to eat some Christmas dinner after all.

Unexpected side bonus of Christmas Vomit Fairy; he asked to go to bed only ten minutes past his normal bedtime, and was out cold soon afterward. Santa appreciated not needing to wait until 1AM to come this year. That was nice as I was beat by 9PM. Hubs was a great help with dinner, especially the turkey-basting (and the turkey turned out fantastic – maybe the best turkey I’ve ever made) but still, making a meal that big is challenging when you’re pregnant. I made my poor grandmother roll over in her grave by peeling the potatoes sitting down.

But anyway, it was a great day and a lovely evening with friends. I had a very deep sleep and was enjoying the most beautiful dream, where I had learned to fly and was teaching the dayhome kids how to do it too… we were swooping over the neighbourhood when suddenly a crow attacked me and started pecking my left armpit. Which was distressing. I woke with a start to find Harry poking me in said left armpit with a cold, bony finger to get me up. At 6:01AM. I hope he never finds out how close I came to decking him in pure self-defense because it was pitch-dark, part of me was still airborne, and that damn crow was scaring the living daylights out of me.

Anyway, there followed an insane hour of paper flying everywhere. Harry opened his presents like his life depended on ripping every! single! gift! open immediately, barely pausing to see who each one was from and certainly not slowing down long enough to actually look at anything. Whereas Ron opened his stocking – eventually, the harmonica distracted him for a while – then opened his X-wing from Santa and stalled out completely. It took some doing to coax him into even noticing that there were other presents under the tree.

Even with all that, by 7AM all the gifts were opened… and thus began the Building of the Lego, which this year is still (eleven hours later) not finished because that’s just how much Lego they got. We bought them some; Santa gave them each a small kit in their stockings; and then friends of ours bought them yet more Lego, so it’s been that kind of a day. This morning Harry built the Hogwarts Express set (676 pieces, ages 8 – 14) with almost no help from either of us… by mid-afternoon a simple truck kit for ages 5 – 12 caused a complete breakdown because he couldn’t concentrate on the instructions anymore. However, Christmas with a 6 year old and a 3 year old, and only one bout of tears? I’m counting that in the ‘win’ column.

So now that the baby’s coming won’t derail Santa, I’m back to GET OUT NOW YOU LITTLE JEEZER. There was a reprieve wherein I concentrated hard on it staying put because Christmas Eve would’ve been just too disruptive and mean for the boys… but that’s behind us now, so let’s get this show on the road, amirite?

How were your holidays? Was it frantic and crazy, or were there some moments of peace in there somewhere? And did you have to build anything out of Lego?




  1. I have the only two boys in the history of the world who do not like Lego.
    I am not complaining.
    Ours was very low key as I developed a cough that sounds as if I am going to die any second so I did. It wish to frighten others and we skipped the Christmas Eve service (which is pretty much my favorite service of the year) and I spent Christmas eve with just me and the kids.
    Today we waited till noon for daddy to wake up (he worked till 4:00am) and had faun afternoon opening and playing, culminating in our traditional nachos, chicken nugget and shrimp ring Christmas supper. (hubs hates turkey and I hate all that work).
    Tomorrow we hang with my entire family, 7kids under 8 (woot) and my dad does the turkey!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Your Christmas sounds wonderful! I am glad the bubs didn’t disrupt the day, but I do hope he or she gets a move on it soon! 🙂

    For 14 years our Christmas tradition was to go to the Christmas church service and then join my husband’s family for most of the day before coming home and doing our presents in the evening. But with AJ now 5 we thought making her wait until night would be a bit distracting. So we opened presents in the morning, but skipped church for a leisurely pace, which allowed for plenty of playing. Like Ron, 3yo TG, needed a bit of prodding to keep going. Jag completely spoiled me, and my biggest gift to him – an old Underwood typewriter – was a hit. Bonus? I picked it up for free!

    Then we went to my sister-in-laws where it was all family fun (AJ taught us a ballet class, we had a planking competition, the kids got in the pool despite how cold the water was, and an app that involved videotaping people and then having a missile take them out somehow seemed outrageously funny) and fabulous food (oh my goodness, I STILL feel full at midday on Boxing Day).

    We came home as wild thunderstorms were starting. With preparations and festivities out of the way I was finally free to tackle re-organising the new place to be more workable for us. I started with the bathroom while the kids were having a bath and discovered I had 22 lipsticks. Which makes me ever so glad that I didn’t get given any for Christmas! 🙂

  3. I’m glad the day was good, Hannah. Love to you and your entire family.

  4. BUILD ALL THE LEGO! Glad you did not get vomit for Christmas. That would suck. Come on, baby, come on! Hurry up!!!

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