Posted by: Hannah | 01/06/2012

paradise lost

Despite my feelings about the way things wrapped up with Arthur and his mom, I’m staying in touch because there is still the possibility (maybe even probability?) that her new baby will be coming here full time once she goes back to work in the fall.

No point burning bridges.

Harry came home from school yesterday with all the information for grade primary registration in September, so I duly passed it on to Arthur’s mom. She replied with this:

 I had my new Coldplay cd playing and we were singing along to ‘Paradise’ when he asked what the word meant. I said something like “the best place you can think of to go” and he said that paradise would be playing at your house 🙂

I really, really hope they decide to start sending him here again, for a couple of days a week. Little guy, I miss his enthusiasm and his smiling face. I even miss his chatter! (Although not his baby animal noises. Those I don’t miss one bit.)

Mind you, Marie was given two new elephant stuffies to go with her one precious elephant lovey, and brings the whole family with her when she comes. And *they* have baby animal voices. The torch has been passed.

I wonder if, when this baby finally comes and they realize that babies don’t sound like that, if they’ll stop?



  1. OMG, the baby animal noises. We have those. They have no signs of letting up – why? Whyyyyyyy? It’s high pitched squeakiness all day long, for the love of god.

    Poor Arthur. That made me tear up a little.

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