Posted by: Hannah | 01/19/2012

yes, i’m still alive

I worked on a post for two days, but WordPress ate it.

It wasn’t a very good post, or a coherent one, or probably even interesting to most people.

But I was still pissed when it disappeared, because punctuation and capitalization are both really hard to manage when typing one-handed while nursing.

Today I’m sitting on the love seat, Baby curled up on a blanket beside me, looking at the icy-blue sky out the window and wondering when my hermit feelings will go away. Cold weather + nursing baby + the awkward stage where regular pants are too small and maternity pants are too big = it’s easier to just stay on the couch in my pajamas.

The loss of three clients in the space of a month took a huge bite out of our available cash flow. Plus – and this bears mentioning for my non-Canadian readers – while Hubs is on parental leave he will only be getting 55% of his regular income. The good news is that with the hibernating comes a steep decline in our variable spending. Can’t fritter money away senselessly if you never leave the house! I’m kind of hoping we can get in the habit of not spending too much, and that it will continue once things return to normal in the spring.

(Also – I somehow overpaid our cable bill, and we now have a credit. I don’t know how that happened, but not having to shell out that insane amount of money this month was really nice. Mind you, we took that money and handed it over lock, stock and barrel to Harry’s taekwon-do instructor for another three months of teaching the twirling dervish self-control, but at least we had the money when the bill came due.)

It looks like I’ll be busy with clients again come the fall… in one way I feel bad that I may not be earning very much in the interim, but in another way I’m relishing the lighter workload while Baby is small. As much as we are both kind of sad about it, this is 99% certainly our very last baby, and I want to revel in it. Plus it’s nice to have fewer responsibilities and clients in the summertime. It’s only money, right? And we’re young, the debt hole we’re digging isn’t *that* deep (still only a four digit number, I think we’re OK), and I’d rather have a little owing on the credit line than not have Baby, because he’s thoroughly awesome.

Rambling a bit, I know, but the bottom line is – we’re all fine and Baby is doing great.

Boring. But so satisfying.





  1. Hubby and I managed to double-pay his December credit card bill – the one with all the Christmas shopping on it AND the entire cost of the office Christmas party (for which he was reimbursed, but only once). So yeah – I’m trying to enjoy the no-credit-card-bill-this-month element of that and not pay too much attention to the three bounced checks and NSF fess.

  2. without wanting to minimize the money issue, b/c tight is hard, i’m glad you get this time with Baby, without too much else on your plate. i’m glad you’re all fine and Baby is great. sometimes quiet without much to tell? is the very best way to be.

    lotsa love.

  3. Not boring. But satisfying. I’m happy for you, snuggling and hibernating with the little guy. Aw. Can we have another picture?

  4. Sorry about the loss of your clients, but I can totally see why that might be a blessing. The last baby is extra snuggle-worthy.

  5. good news, on the whole. 🙂

  6. Sometimes it’s easier to blog when there’s stuff to be pissy about. Right now, boring is definitely better (boring to you, not to us). Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as too many baby pictures.

  7. Boo to losing clients, but I’m glad everything else is going ok.

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