Posted by: Hannah | 02/23/2012

Tom Petty speaks the truth

This is some accurate shit, yo:

Initial meeting on Monday morning with Dream Clients from the Planet Awesome, and I thought it went really really well. They want two full time spaces starting April 1st. Their daughters will be 26 months and 8 months when they start. They are both professionals with steady, non-shift jobs. They are building a home one street over and are, in their own words “planning to be in this area long term”. They are not having any more children. They travel a lot so there will be many paid days off for me. The kids seem like pretty cheerful little ladies and the parents are very nice.

When they left the mom said I was her first choice, and that she’d let me know either way by Thursday night. So I was feeling pretty confident. Now, at 2PM on Thursday with no word, I’ve pretty much given up, which is probably silly because it’s not actually night yet, and there is still time, etc etc. But I am also seven weeks post-partum tomorrow, which means I am a seething bundle of messed-up hormones and baby blues, and even fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans¬†comfortably, without needing to suck in or wear a girdle of some sort, can’t really make me feel better.

Even finally getting the 50mm lens I’ve been wanting for a year now didn’t help much, because I bought it on Monday when I was cheerfully counting unhatched chickens.

I did take these pictures last night though. I think they aptly illustrate my feelings:

here I am, waiting patiently...


why u no send emailz?


Twiddling my thumbs. Is it drink o’clock yet?



  1. HE’S SO CUTE!

    I hate the waiting game. Hate it. If someone says they’ll let me know by x date, usually by x-1 I’m a complete and utter mess. I really hope you find out SOOOOOOON.

    Congrats on the pre-pregnancy jeans!

  2. Awwww — cute baby! Still waiting?

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