Posted by: Hannah | 03/26/2012

oh my freakin’ ears

First day with two new girls, sisters, aged 4.5 and 18 months.

I’ll need website names for them eventually, once I get to know them better.

The older girl seems very nice. She’s reasonably polite, quite friendly, creative, imaginative & loves fingerpainting. She’s got the most adorable smattering of freckles across her nose and was wearing thoroughly awesome rainbow-striped tights.

The younger girl is very cute – her eyes are almost perfectly round. Against my advice, her mom stayed to “settle her in” for a good 20 minutes (oh, no, bad news)… once she left that owl-eyed little darling opened her mouth and HOWLED. And cried. And sobbed. She’s LOUD. As the morning wore on and she refused to be distracted by anything, the rest of us went about our business. She started to calm down a little bit; then Baby G needed to nurse. And she went apeshit. Turns out she still breastfeeds, mainly for comfort, and she did not understand that I am a one-woman buffet. When she really cranks it up, she sounds like a fire siren. 

This continued until 45 minutes before pick up, when all of a sudden she just… stopped. She started playing. She brought my dog a whole pile of toys, petting his head very gently as she dropped off each item. And when her mom arrived, she just shrugged and ran back into the playroom.

I’m sure she’ll settle in soon. But in the meantime, I may need to invest in earplugs.

Funny moment of the day – Ron & New Girl were playing ‘grown ups’. Ron announced “I am in my office! Now I am going home! *grabs New Girl’s arm* “I’m home now! You need to make dinner because you are my WIFE.” New Girl frowned at him, brandished her toy magnifying glass, and said “I don’t have TIME to make dinner right now. I am going on an EXPLORING ADVENTURE.” Boo-yah!


Anyway, they were only here for the morning. Then Pixie fought her nap for 45 minutes. Then I had to go get the IUD put in. Weird doctor did a fantastic job, I barely felt a thing. But she did still make me tired with her crazy fast talking, and once again she made her hand talk to me as if it were my cervix & my cervix was angry.

Then I had a school advisory council meeting. It was a long damn day which is only wrapping up now. I’m watching HBO and contemplating wine. Is it really only Monday? 



  1. Wow, that is a LOOOONG day. Holy crap! It’s fortunate that the gyno doesn’t have hand puppets or something. Can you imagine what a cervical hand puppet would look like? Very odd indeed.

    Your poor, angry cervix. Maybe your cervix was angry because it was on an exploring adventure?

    Sorry, that was just weird. Trying to meld comments and it was UNSUCCESSFUL.

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