Posted by: Hannah | 04/02/2012

internets, i need you

I need your help, internets. I need your help to come up with blog names for the new girls.

I am dreadful at naming things. Pets, kids, blog posts – I can come up with terrible names for all of them.

New Girl

She’s 4 1/2 years old, brown hair, dark blue eyes, creamy skin, and honest to god freckles across her nose. She’s one of the prettiest preschoolers I’ve ever seen, actually – so cute, and you can tell that when she gets older she’ll be just gorgeous.

She is obsessed with cats, and is normally very gentle, but sometimes her excitement and her boundless energy gets the better of her. To wit – she arrived last week with a band-aid under her eye. Apparently she picked up her barn cat and threw it up in the air, intending to catch it on the way down. The cat was disinclined.

She is a tree-climber, mud digger, jumper, runner, upside-down swinger… but she refuses to ever wear pants. Always skirts or dresses, with patterned tights. Likewise her hair is always braided in complicated ways she invents herself, and bedecked with hair ribbons she is constantly losing.

She likes stories, is terrified of earthworms, and knows the names of every plant she sees.

Little Girl

She is 17 months old. She has brown hair, an adorable smile, and enormous brown eyes with killer lashes. She loves animals, especially my dog, and knows a range of animal sounds. She loves Baby G. She runs everywhere on her tiptoes. When she doesn’t want to do something she shakes her head vigorously and waves her arms back and forth. She spends a good fifteen minutes of every visit lying on the dog rubbing his ears (which he loves). She likes to draw but hates fingerpainting.

So! Please leave your suggestions for names in the comments. I’ll pick the ones I like the best and give all the credit to the smart person or persons who solves this dilemma for me.

Edited to add: Names need not be from the Harry Potter universe. That came about for my kids strictly because I am SO VERY BAD AT NAMING THINGS, and because they were playing a lot of HP at the time.

Edited again: I can’t say which ones, but both girls’ REAL ACTUAL NAMES have now been suggested as blog aliases. I find that fascinating. I mean, what are the odds?



  1. Pippy Longstocking for the oldest one- I know it doesn’t fit with the HP theme – but does fit with the braids and the dresses. (you may be too young to remember her from the television series?)

    And Luna as in Luna Lovegood for the littlest one since she loves animals and knows your dog so well.

  2. Whenever my kids play their baby animal games – with squeaky noises – and I have to be part of this game, they make me choose a name for myself. The only names I can ever think of are Rosie and Pinky. I’m pretty sure that’s unhelpful.

    • Nicole: I actually really like Rosie for Little Girl. You’ll have to take my word for it but it fits.
      Catherine: I don’t remember the TV show but I read one of the books. I’ve got two votes on Twitter for Pippi as well… and it does fit beautifully.

  3. I was thinking Pippi for the older girl, too! (And I didn’t know there was a TV show. The books are loads of fun, though.)

  4. Scout for the older,and June-bug for the little. : )

    • I like these suggestions, too. You guys are all way better at this naming thing than I am.

  5. I like Scout, too, or Firefly, as Pippi to me, always has red hair.

    Blossom for the little one?

    If wanting real names…Vivienne (“full of life”, with Vivi for short), Tessa, Elsa or Lottie for the little one.

    • These are all great. I especially like Lottie for little girl.

  6. I was thinking of Pippi before I reached the comments, but also considered Molly. Love the name Tessa but I was thinking of something like Lily or Lola for the little one, maybe Luna would suit.

    • I like Molly, too. I might just ask her what she likes! She’s certainly got opinions, that one.

  7. Pippi was ALSO my first thought for Girl 1. For girl 2, I like all the above suggestions but have no new ones to add…

  8. I like Pippi as well for the older and Junebug for the wee one. 🙂

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