Posted by: Hannah | 04/05/2012


Thank you all for the fantastic name suggestions. As I noted in a post edit, both of the girls’ actual names were suggested in the comments or on Twitter, which is just weird and spooky. The hive mind selected the names! Based on three lines of text!! TRIPPY.

So I had to eliminate those names, sadly.

There were so many great suggestions for New Girl and I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so in the end I asked her. I gave her the choice between Scout (my favourite), Pippi (very appropriate), and Molly (which I just like the sound of). She went with ‘Molly’ as a good name for a fictional little girl. 

May, congratulations! Your choice wins the day. The living hurricane of furniture-smashing craziness that is New Girl will be Molly from here on out.


Little Girl was harder, although some really cute and sweet names were suggested. After much thought I went with “Luna”, because it’s related to her real name but different enough that I’m not worried about anyone figuring out her real identity. Plus it does fit the Harry Potter theme, which I enjoy. 🙂 Thanks Catherine for the great and creepily appropriate suggestion. 



  1. What, no Rosie or Pinky?

    • Well, Rosie is pretty close to my middle name. And if I called one ‘Pinky’ I’d have to call the other one ‘The Brain’ and that just wouldn’t work – believe me. 😉

  2. Great aliases!

    BTW, I’d tried commenting on your posts earlier in the week, but I’m having issues w/ all wordpress comment forms. Something to do w/ the gravatar coding. Anyone else having issues?

    • I know I can’t seem to post any comments on blogspot blogs lately if I’m logged in to wordpress. Maybe the two platforms aren’t playing nice?

  3. Yay! How exciting, I’m glad my suggestion was chosen – and I was rooting for Luna too. Looking forwards to hearing more about them!

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