Posted by: Hannah | 04/09/2012

happy birthday, middle boy


Tomorrow morning you will be four. Four years old! At the risk of sounding cliched, I can’t believe you’re four already. Seems like not so very long ago I was not-so-patiently pacing back and forth on the deck, listening to your colicky shrieks and wishing there was something I could do to make you happy, to bring you peace.

And some days it still feels like that. Oh, you are your father all over again, my middle son, my heart. You are so stubborn! And your temper! You don’t back down. You can yell every person in this house under the table. With eloquence beyond your years you tell us in no uncertain terms when you are mad at us, when your feelings are hurt, when you don’t want to do something. 

When the storm has passed, you always apologize first. You come with hugs and kisses. And none of us can stay mad for long in the face of your enthusiasm.

This year, I saw you go from being the baby of the family to being a big boy. You want so badly to keep up with your big brother, you’ve made huge strides toward independence. You learned (finally) to completely dress yourself, even to your socks. You don’t want me drying you off after your bath, dispensing your toothpaste, or packing your schoolbag. If you’re sick though you still want lots of hugs & cuddles, and sometimes when you’re feeling blue you climb up in my lap and say “you can call me your baby this time, mama”. And of course I always do.

This year you started at preschool. It wasn’t the easy transition it was for your brother; most days you’re happy to go and come home full of stories about the day, but every so often you don’t want to be around seventeen other kids, and you dig your heels in. In the end you always go, and you always have fun. Your teachers love you; they’ve begged me to send you again in the fall, and I will, because you need that time to learn, to stretch yourself, to get away from the growing brood of younger kids at home once in a while.

You’re a big brother yourself, now, and you are so good at it. You loved Baby G completely the first minute you set eyes on him, and your opinion hasn’t changed. Every morning you come into my room when you hear us getting up to say hello to him in your special “talking to babies” voice, which is equal parts adorable and kind of annoying… but you are so gentle with him. You like taking baths with him and on more than one occasion have sung him to sleep when no one else could manage the trick.

We tell you all the time that you’re the lucky one, because you get to be a big brother AND a little brother. And boy, do you love your big brother. This year you started doing the “little brother who teases” thing more often, but most of the time you are completely happy to defer to Harry’s wishes, and he generally likes being responsible for you. You help him practice his baseball in the backyard. You’ve learned to give each other ‘underducks’ on the swings and you race bikes in the driveway. You two fight more than you used to, but you love each other so hard in between times that the hurt feelings never last long.

You love beautiful things and have a keen appreciation of things that look ‘nice’ – flowers in a restaurant bathroom, unusual jewelry, a different hairstyle on a classmate – you notice all of these things, and compliment them with sincerity.

You love chocolate, cheeseburgers, raw vegetables, craft projects, and Star Wars. You hate scary movies, bedtime, mushrooms, loud noises, and being told what to do.

We all love you so much.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.

Love, Mama




  1. Happy birthday to Ron! 🙂 He sounds completely adorable.

  2. So sweet! He sounds just precious. What a special guy. Happy birthday! Eat lots of cake!

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