Posted by: Hannah | 05/23/2012

bustin’ loose

Last night was our first night out together, sans children, since Baby G was born. Almost five months! It’s been a while. And I think we’ve kind of forgotten how to be on a date. Hubs was busily chatting at me as we drove and all I could think was “there are no kids in the back. Hell, there are no CARSEATS in the back. Why am I wearing my nursing bra? I could be wearing a regular one. Oh shit, I’m wearing my kicking-around-the-house sneakers” and so on.

We went to see The Avengers because I like to have my finger on the pulse of popular culture loves me some comic book movies, and I loved it even though Hubs didn’t really. And I sat there like a slack-jawed yokel staring at the ‘pre-show’ without looking away, because the theatre has upgraded to high-def digital projectors since the last time I got to a movie, making the images so clear and sharp it was unsettling in some vague way.

I came home to all three kids asleep, my parents dozing on the sofa, laundry folded, and serenity reigning.

It was a delightful recharging of the batteries, and made me confident that I can start asking childless friends to come babysit sometimes too (as long as G is in bed first, not hard since he goes to bed between 6 and 6:30 these days, craziness).

Just this week I donated all the newborn & infant clothes to a very young mother in need. I had a wistful tug when they went out the door, but no tears. Barring some major shake-up (like, winning the lottery) G is our last baby – and the really stressful must-stay-close newborn days are over, and I almost didn’t see them go.




  1. CUE THE SEXY-TIMES MUSIC: Bow chicka bow bow.

    Glad you had a good time! Thinking about the stressful months with a newborn gives me the shakes, for reals.

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