Posted by: Hannah | 05/28/2012

plus one

Dayhome update post!

I realized I kind of left things hanging after the last one; I had just interviewed a new full time client and was quite sad that I would need to give Molly & Luna notice if said client came through. (Part time clients are told up front that they are subject to bumping if a suitable full time client comes along. My most ideal scenario is three full time clients.)

They hired me right away and I was glad to get them… but then came giving Molly & Luna’s mom the news. She was so disappointed, but the fact is I can’t take the two of them once summer vacation starts. We talked back and forth, and in the end Luna will keep coming at least until September, on the same schedule as before. Molly will be at a preschool mornings-only daycamp at the community centre.

Apparently that conversation was a tough one, as their mom said “hey Molly, how would you like to go to preschool every morning for the summer?” and she was all over that, until she said “and then Hannah’s house in the afternoon, right?” – and then she cried. Her mom tried to explain that I didn’t have enough room for everyone, to which Molly wailed “but her house is ENORMOUS!!”


So that was hard. But, new little guy started today. He just turned two and he’s a cute little fellow; reminds me a bit of Very Quiet Boy. Same curly blond mop of hair, same bright blue eyes. He handled drop off like a champ – no tears at all. He quietly made a beeline for the playroom, dragged out the dinky cars, and played with them for four solid hours.

He was not so keen on group activities – I gather at his previous dayhome there was just him and one other little girl his age, and I’m learning that younger kids are much better at entertaining themselves than older ones. His last dayhome lady pretty much let them amuse themselves; they were not fed on a set schedule, and there weren’t many planned activities. So I suspect it’ll take a little time for him to adjust to that.

We tried fingerpainting this morning (it’s raining & miserable again, so no outdoor play) and I was struck by the difference in kids. Pixie very daintily drew lines with one fingertip. Luna looked like she’d rolled in it – both arms were fingerpaint to the elbows, it was all over her face, and she used so much paint that the paper disintegrated entirely. Our new little friend refused to even try touching the paint, said not one word, and after five minutes gave me a “you have got to be kidding me, lady” kind of look and then pointed at the floor.

Finally, after singing, stories, and lunch, it was time for a nap. All I had to do to get him into the nap room was let him take a toy bus to bed with him. All is quiet now – the younger ones are all sleeping and Ron is playing with Lego.

I could get used to this.


I’m going to wait a little while to choose a name for our new friend; I don’t have a sense really of his personality yet. Plus his actual name is just so perfect for him, I suspect I’m going to have a hard time choosing something new. Whereas Pixie’s real name is such a bad fit that both Michael and I have taken to calling her Pixie in real life, because it’s so apt. I catch myself a dozen times a day saying “Pix-I mean, [real name]!” I should make her parents change it.



  1. Sounds rather blissful.

  2. Lovely. What a gift when they integrate so well … though of course we know that we don’t know just yet! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that his transition ends up being a seamless one.

    I have the same situation with Poppy. I think that name just suits her so well, I find myself slipping into it in real life. Hee.

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