Posted by: Hannah | 05/31/2012

introducing Louis

Day four of my newest addition to the zoo, and he’s fitting in beautifully.

I’ve decided to call him “Louis” (pronounced in the Anglo fashion) – I don’t know why, he just seems like maybe a Louis.

Drop offs have been a bit upsetting for him; lots of tears, although they dry very quickly. I know his dad is finding it hard; he’s a very kind man and probably the most ‘present’ dad I’ve encountered yet in my dayhome life. He understands the importance of the quick good-bye, but I peeked this morning and he was already calling his wife from the driveway to express his concerns. It’s sweet.

Today was the first day he ate anything, and it was also the first day that we saw a lot of his smile, which is honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen; and his laugh is this completely ridiculous squinchy-faced affair, and when he does laugh all the other kids laugh too – as do I. You just can’t help it.

He and Pixie have bonded completely, which is really nice to see. She’s been a bit of an odd one out for a while; too little to play much with Molly & Ron, and too much into sharing for Luna to see her as anything but a threat to ‘her’ toys. I don’t know how it is that Louis and Pixie are communicating, exactly, but they are; they play cars, tea party, and pizza cook ALL DAY LONG, and after four days of this I haven’t had to break up a fight or mediate any disputes about the toys. They hold hands to walk to the bus stop and take their naps peacefully in the same room every afternoon.

I recognize that this may not last, but for now, I’ll take it.

He likes to ‘own’ things; fortunately I have enough things that this isn’t a problem yet. So his favourite toy bus is “Louis-bus”, his lunch bag is “Louis-bag”, his boots are “Louis-boots”, and so on.

We have a book that is a zoo animal version of The Wheels on the Bus, and you’d better believe that magnum opus gets read at least three times a day now, because I just can’t say no when that little squinchy face says “Louis-bus-book! Louis-bus-book?”

He’s a ray of sunshine, this gloomy rainy week.

Almost two years it’s taken me to get a solid roster of clients now, plus more coming in the future. Nothing in this business is a sure thing – except diapers and runny  noses – but for right now, things are looking pretty good.



  1. Yay solid roster!

  2. Aw, he sounds sweet! Love that he and Pixie are hand holding. How cute.

  3. That is freaking adorable. A little disappointing though, since I got here by searching for 50 Shades Butt Drawer.

  4. Aww. He sounds adorable, and having a playmate for Pixie is good for everyone. 🙂


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