Posted by: Hannah | 07/12/2012

mary, mary, quite contrary

Pixie is getting ALL THE TIME-OUTS today.

This week she’s been building up to something – I don’t know what, exactly. She’s contrary. She’s whiny. She’s taking toys from the other children. She says “no” when she means “yes”, throws her food across the table when she doesn’t want to eat it, chucks her dishes on the floor when she’s finished.

Today it’s all come to a head. She’s hitting. She’s yelling. She’s grabbing. I haven’t seen her this bad, ever.

She’s had multiple instances of getting her rotten little butt plopped unceremoniously in the time-out chair.

(Aside: Yes, I call it a time-out chair. I do not call it a naughty chair, a take-a-break chair, a resting spot, or an introspective chaise lounge. IT’S A TIME OUT AND YOU ARE HAVING ONE, KIDDO.)

She’s developed the delightful habit of saying “Hannah… Hannah… Hannah…” over and over again like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, but unlike Sheldon, there is never a payoff. It’s just my name. Repeated. Forever.

She asks to go outside but then tries to spend the whole time sitting in my lap. (I’m maybe the only daycare lady in the history of ever who dislikes snuggles. I don’t mind a quick hug, but I am NOT holding a 30lb squirming chimpanzee in 28C heat – I’m not.) She makes me get her all sunscreened & in a swimsuit only to tell me that she does not want to set foot in the splash pool.

She’s driving me completely around the bend with her behaviour, attitude, and generalized two-year-old Toddler Dumbassery™.

I know this just another phase – although as Michael pointed out last night, childhood itself is really just one long phase with intermittent pauses where they aren’t acting like tiny terrorists who live among us. I know this will pass, only to be supplanted by another one of the Brigade turning on me like a chihuahua in heat.


Summer vacation has started and I miss my own kids.

I’m thrilled – THRILLED – at how much the older boys play together. It’s flat-out awesome and while I’ve had to mediate a few disputes, it’s never anything serious and it’s over in minutes.

However, they dislike the Toddler Brigade. And so – they are avoiding them. Which means by extension, they’re avoiding me. I don’t see them all morning. It’s ironic really that I’m only taking kids in because I need the money in order to stay home with my own kids – and they don’t want to have anything to do with the extra kids so I actually don’t see them much. Oh, and I can’t ever go to their daytime school activities because it would involve dragging the Toddler Brigade with me and who wants that?

I am rapidly realizing as I write this that I’m probably as contrary as Pixie is, today.

Only 11 and a half more working days until vacation…



  1. I would kill for an introspective chaise lounge. For my own use, of course.

    I know a woman who switched from running a daycare (erm…dayhome) to operating an after-school-care business, just so that her kids would have a peers around the house. She calls it a “playdates for fun and profit.”

    Where are you going on vacation? Somewhere fun?

    • Mostly we’re doing day trips. There is *so much* going on in Halifax this summer it seems kind of silly to leave. Plus the novelty of having the whole house to ourselves for ten glorious days cannot be denied.

  2. Nan took the words right out of my mouth. *I* want an introspective chaise lounge. Someday, when I can have nice things again (you know, after the kids move out), I will invest in one.

  3. I like the notion of childhood as one long phase. 🙂

  4. Ugh. Poppy’s moving in that direction. We’ll move her through it, I know, but you never know quite how long it will take, and oh, the noisy tedium of a fractious two-year-old. Ugh.

    I hired a university student to come for a few hours today and give me some time off. Normally, that refreshes me and I regain my enthusiasm. Today? Today I just want *another* day. And another, and another, and, and, and … 16 more days till MY holiday. Can hardly wait!

  5. […] room, her entire life. The toddlers who allowed mum to stay home and homeschool her were also the toddlers who prevented mum from attending any school functions when she did finally arrive there. I don’t have an office job I can slip away from for a few […]

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